Asphalt Paving for Gabriel’s Overlook HOA in Georgetown, TX

Members of homeowner associations expect safe, attractive pavements that will not detract from their property values. At Alpha Paving, we frequently work with HOAs to help them keep their residents satisfied with the pavements in their communities. When the HOA at Gabriel’s Overlook in Georgetown requested our assistance, we were happy to help once again.

What Is Gabriel’s Overlook?

Gabriel’s Overlook is a large gated community that lies west of Georgetown’s downtown district near Ronald W. Reagan Boulevard and State Highway 29. Residents enjoy the heavily wooded landscape, easy access to the San Gabriel River, and the proximity to Interstate 35 and other major highways.

What Was the Scope of the Work at Gabriel’s Overlook?

Although we previously did some work in the community, the HOA had not requested our services for about five years. We discovered that the pavements were very much in need of attention, including the roads, which were beginning to fail. The scope of this project addressed only part of the community’s paving needs.

What Work Did Alpha Paving Perform at Gabriel’s Overlook?

Our first task was to install approximately 420 feet of concrete ribbon curbs. Next, we milled and paved three areas on two separate roads. We milled and paved all of Oak Plaza Drive in a single day, using about 660 tons of asphalt for this phase. The following day, we finished the milling and paving on the other road, using about 300 tons of asphalt. The parking lot at the community park was our next focus. We filled the cracks, then striped the parking stalls. Next, we striped all of the stop bars throughout the neighborhood; there were almost 20 of those.

How Long Did the Work at Gabriel’s Overlook Take?

The asphalt milling and paving took two days, the crack repairs took one day, and the striping took one day. Although interrupted by the freak winter storm that struck the state, the concrete work took about four days. Our customer was pleased with our work.

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