How to Plan for a Commercial Paving Project 

Commercial paving projects can be complex undertakings that require special skills to ensure success. Reliable asphalt paving companies in Texas know how to plan and execute projects of all sizes. If you are responsible for commercial asphalt pavement, it might help understand the steps that a reputable contractor will follow when you call to request an estimate.

How to Plan for a Commercial Paving Project

What Does a Paving Company Do First When Commercial Clients Call Them?

 After a preliminary phone discussion to gather some basic information, a reputable contractor will want to schedule a visit to your site. The contractor will need to assess your pavement’s current condition to make the proper recommendations and provide an accurate quote. Although you may have noticed some cracks or potholes, an experienced Texas paving contractor will look also check for issues that you may have overlooked. These other issues may include pools of standing water, raveling, soft spots in your pavement, signs of heaving or subsidence, clogged or insufficient drains, faded or damaged pavement markings, and stains left by automotive fluids that have dripped onto your pavement.

If an Austin Paving Company Discovers Issues With My Asphalt Pavement, What Are My Options?

 Central Texas paving takes a severe beating from ultraviolet radiation, temperature fluctuations, and seasonal swings between droughts and torrential downpours. The damages may seem so severe that you assume that your commercial pavement will require a complete demolition and reconstruction project. However, in many cases, it is possible to repair the damage. Your contractor may recommend patching potholes, milling the pavement to correct drainage issues, or filling cracks. Sealcoating can typically rejuvenate the pavement’s color, and sealants are an excellent way to prevent future damage. If the damage to the pavement’s surface is extensive, your contractor may recommend an asphalt overlay. Overlays can often salvage an aging pavement, but they are less expensive than reconstructions. 

If I Recently Installed an Asphalt Pavement, How Can I Avoid Major Repairs?

 If you have a new asphalt pavement, the best way to avoid costly repairs is to implement a preventive maintenance program. An effective program should include the following procedures.

 1. Ask your contractor when you should schedule your initial sealcoating. The exact timing will depend on factors that are unique to your pavement. Still, most asphalt paving companies in Texas recommend that customers schedule an initial sealcoating no later than ten months after the installation.

 2. Ask your contractor how often to repeat the sealcoating procedure. In Texas, most parking lots need a sealant application every two years. It would help if you also planned to have your contractor apply fresh pavement markings after every sealcoating.

 3. Ask your contractor to inspect your pavement every spring and again in the fall. If you repair cracks while they are still relatively small, you can reduce the likelihood that they will grow, turn into potholes, or allow water to erode the base.

 4. Keep your asphalt pavement clean. Promptly remove oil stains, piles of dead leaves, and trash. Watch for signs of clogged drains and clear them whenever necessary. 

 5. Be sure to conform to your pavement’s engineering specifications for loading. For example, if you asked your contractor to build a parking lot for passenger vehicles, letting fully loaded tractor-trailers park on or drive across your parking lot can quickly lead to extensive damage.

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