Commercial Asphalt Paving Requires Expertise

Commercial Asphalt Paving Requires Expertise, asphalt austin txReputable asphalt professionals recommend that you always select a contractor with experience in the type of asphalt paving project you need. The reason is that different types of asphalt pavement require different skills. Experience is especially critical when it comes to commercial asphalt pavement. There is a big difference between paving asphalt on a 20-foot residential driveway, for example, and a parking lot that covers 75,000 square feet.

Commercial Asphalt Paving Requires Expertise | Design and Materials

An improperly designed asphalt pavement will have a very short life. Commercial asphalt pavements must be capable of supporting both the weight and volume of the expected traffic. If the contractor does not design the pavement correctly, premature cracking, subsidence, potholes and other problems can occur in as little as one year. The design phase includes a variety of elements that must all function as a part of the entire pavement.

• The subgrade is a vital part of the structural strength of the pavement. It must be properly prepared, which includes contouring it to match the shape of the pavement.
• The base layer must be of the correct depth and consist of an aggregate of the right size and material.
• As you might expect, the asphalt mix is also critical. It must be the appropriate thickness and properly compacted, but you might not realize the importance of choosing the right mix. For example, finer blends used for the surface course can be more aesthetically appealing, a higher sand content makes the mix more compactible and other mixes are ideal for reducing road noise.
• Although it is important for all asphalt pavements to drain properly, adequate drainage is essential for the performance of parking lots. Water can reach the subgrade and become trapped. This can lead to erosion of the foundation supporting the pavement and cause severe cracking. Proper drainage must begin with the subgrade to ensure that it is properly sloped and shaped. The finished pavement must also have the right slope to promote surface drainage.

The Importance of the Contractor

In addition to ensuring that the basic design is correct for the intended use of the pavement, the contractor must ensure that the application goes as it should. He must make the arrangements to transport the correct equipment to the site, select the personnel with the proper skills and coordinate the deliveries of the asphalt.

Asphalt must be applied when it is at the proper temperature. If it is overheated, the mix can be damaged. If it is too cool, it will not spread and compact properly. Furthermore, the compaction equipment used must be the appropriate size for the job and present in sufficient numbers. For example, commercial paving jobs require heavier rollers than are needed for driveways, and on some commercial projects, a single roller is insufficient to ensure quality results.

It is also the contractor’s responsibility to ensure that all equipment is functioning properly. An equipment failure in the middle of the job can cause significant delays or result in inferior results.

As you can see, there are many variables that must be considered when performing commercial asphalt paving. Proper installation will save both time and money; a poor installation will result in the need to replace your pavement far too soon.

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