Benefits of an Asphalt Overlay and Milling

Benefits of an Asphalt Overlay and Milling, asphalt paving austin txYou can keep your asphalt pavement in good condition and prolong its useful life by adhering to a schedule of routine maintenance, but your pavement will eventually need additional attention. Over time, the elements and traffic will affect the appearance and integrity of your asphalt pavement. You can expect a well-maintained asphalt pavement to last about 20 years before it needs a significant rejuvenation. At that time, a total replacement may be your only option, but you may also have the option of an asphalt overlay.

Benefits of an Asphalt Overlay and Milling

How Do I Know If an Overlay Is an Option?

Asphalt contractors recommend that you schedule a professional inspection to determine the condition of your asphalt and suggest the best option for your specific needs. During this inspection, the contractor will evaluate the following conditions.

• How stable is the pavement’s foundation? To repair a foundation, it will be necessary to remove the existing pavement, make the repairs, and reconstruct the pavement. If a significant portion of the foundation will require repairs and extensive asphalt removal, it may not be cost-effective to install an overlay.
• Does the pavement have minimal alligator cracking? Alligator cracking is a type of fatigue cracking that usually indicates structural distress. A weak foundation or overloading the pavement can cause these types of cracks. Since an overlay will not correct fundamental issues, the contractor will need to remove the damaged area to address these issues.
• Does the pavement have any serious drainage issues? Milling can fix many drainage problems, but underground drainage issues or those resulting from a severe grading mistake during the pavement’s construction may require more drastic measures. Asphalt milling is a procedure in which the contractor uses a machine for asphalt removal. The milling machine can remove a few millimeters of asphalt or several inches.

If asphalt resurfacing is a viable option, you can expect the overlay to deliver a useful life of 12 to 15 years. If you are proactive about maintaining your overlay, the procedure can be repeated whenever necessary.

What Are the Primary Benefits of a Mill and Overlay?

Although milling is almost always a standard part of applying an overlay, your contractor may also offer asphalt milling as a separate procedure.

• Milling machines are precision instruments that can remove only as much asphalt as the job requires. For most overlays, asphalt contractors remove the asphalt to a depth of about 1.5 inches. Since this is the depth that the contractor will replace, the process requires less asphalt than a complete reconstruction, making a mill and overlay faster, cheaper and more environmentally friendly.
• Milling machines can remove variable depths of asphalt to correct drainage issues, smooth pavement transitions, and maintain curb reveals.
• An overlay looks virtually identical to a newly installed pavement. Since overlays have the same dark color and smooth surfaces that are typical of new asphalt pavements, it is quite probable that your visitors will never realize that you chose an overlay instead of a full reconstruction.
• A mill and overlay will cost a fraction of what a total restoration would cost. This gives you more money to ensure the proper maintenance of your pavement, thereby delaying the need to tear out your old pavement and rebuild it.
• Your employees, customers, and vendors will encounter less disruption. Many times, a contractor can install an overlay in just one or two days.

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