What Is the Best Weather for Sealcoating in Austin?

What Is the Best Weather for Sealcoating in Austin? parking lot sealcoating Virtually all paving contractors who construct a new asphalt pavement will recommend an initial application of a high-quality sealant before the pavement is 12 months old. However, no sealant will last forever, so periodic reapplications will be necessary throughout the life of the pavement. The procedure is economical, but it is one of the best ways to help ensure a long life for the pavement. Although most property owners realize that weather conditions sometimes make it impossible for a contractor to apply a sealant, many people do not know what constitutes ideal weather conditions.

What Is the Best Weather for Sealcoating in Austin?

What Are the Ideal Weather Conditions for Applying a Sealant?

Most sealcoating contractors would state that the ideal day for applying a sealant would be bright and sunny. The temperature around 8 a.m. would be about 70 degrees Fahrenheit and continue to rise throughout the day. However, the temperature would not climb higher than about 85 degrees, and it would not drop below 50 degrees for the first 18 to 24 hours. There would be a light, steady breeze of less than 10 mph. The relative humidity would be less than 50 percent, and there would be no rain in the forecast for at least 24 hours.

However, the weather in Central Texas rarely offers a combination of all of the ideal conditions. Instead, sealcoating contractors apply sealants when conditions are within acceptable ranges.

1. Asphalt pavement must be completely dry before the contractor applies the sealant. Most parking lot sealcoating contractors advise clients to turn off their sprinkler systems 24 hours before the work is to begin. A late afternoon or overnight rain the day before your contractor plans to apply a sealant could necessitate a postponement. If this happens, realize that your contractor wants to make sure that the work he provides will be attractive and durable.
2. Parking lot maintenance companies routinely apply sealants when the temperature is below 70 degrees. However, most sealcoat manufacturers insist that the absolute minimum temperature for applying their products is 50 degrees Fahrenheit; a few set the minimum at 55 degrees. Manufacturers also do not recommend using their products if the temperature is above 90 degrees Fahrenheit unless steps are taken to cool the pavement first. Fortunately, contractors know how to apply sealants successfully when temperatures are borderline, but other weather conditions, including the relative humidity and wind speed, must be within tolerances.
3. A little wind can help sealants dry by boosting the rate at which the water in the mix will evaporate. However, too much wind can be a problem. A steady, brisk wind can make it more challenging to deliver an even spray, and the wind could blow the liquid sealant on cars, buildings, or landscaping. Furthermore, on a hot, sunny, dry day, a strong wind can allow the water to evaporate from the top layer too quickly, delaying the evaporation of the water trapped in the layers below.
4. Exposure to sunlight helps sealants cure properly. Depending on other factors, sealcoating should receive between two and four hours of direct sunlight. Therefore, most parking lot maintenance companies try to avoid applying sealcoat at night or on cloudy or foggy days.

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