Austin Hotels & Restaurants | How Alpha Paving Makes A Difference

Austin Hotels & Restaurants | How Alpha Paving Makes A Difference In the hospitality industry, it is essential to offer an environment that is both safe and aesthetically appealing. Whether you manage a hotel or a restaurant, your structure and landscaping can help you attract new business as well as encourage guests and customers to return repeatedly. However, you might not realize how much your parking lot maintenance can impact the success of your lodging or dining establishment. At Alpha Paving, we understand the unique requirements of the hospitality industry and are ready to assist you.

Austin Hotels & Restaurants | How Alpha Paving Makes A Difference

What Types of Commercial Paving Services Do Hotels and Restaurants Typically Need?

There are many different asphalt paving services that a hotel or restaurant might need. Here are some common requests that Alpha frequently receives from clients in the hospitality industry.

1. Parking Lot Repair: Cracks and potholes are unsightly, but they also pose safety issues to those who drive or walk through your parking lot. Furthermore, they endanger the longevity of your pavement by allowing water to reach and erode the foundation that gives asphalt pavement its strength and flexibility.
2. Sealcoating: Whether you have an asphalt parking lot, sports court, walkway, jogging path, or walking trail, it will have a longer life if you maintain its sealcoating. Asphalt sealcoating screens out the damaging rays emitted by the sun help guard against water penetration and protect against automotive fluids. Also, sealcoating restores faded asphalt to a dark, rich color.
3. Striping and Marking: A properly striped, well-marked parking lot is safer and more attractive. Delineated parking stalls help you achieve the maximum capacity and serve as valuable guides to drivers. Pavement markings help with navigation, reducing confusion, and making your lot safer. The proper markings are also essential to ensure compliance with the regulations covering accessibility for the disabled.
4. Parking Lot Overlay: Frequently, a parking lot can have a sound foundation and an asphalt surface that is too old or damaged to make repairs feasible. An overlay can be a cost-effective option for reconstructing the pavement. In addition to the cost savings, an overlay will require less time, reducing the disruption to your guests and employees.
5. Car Stops: Car stops can help guide your guests when they are parking, but they are also valuable for protecting your signs, landscaping, and building. Car stops often suffer damage from careless drivers. Broken or dislocated car stops can pose tripping hazards, so it is best to replace or repair them promptly.
6. Parking Lot Signs: Signs can identify accessible parking spaces, provide directions to entrances and exits, identify no-parking areas, or direct visitors to the main entrance of your building. You may also need stop signs or speed limit signs.
7. Speed Bumps: Properly installed speed bumps can help control the speed of vehicles without inflicting damage on the vehicle or causing the driver to lose control. Am experienced asphalt contractor will know how to calculate the height, width, and location of speed bumps to ensure the desired results.

At Alpha Paving, we have many clients in the hospitality industry. We are a full-service asphalt company offering paving and overlays, sealcoating, pavement markings, parking lot striping, asphalt repairs, signage, speed bump installation, milling, and car stops. We also offer road construction, concrete work, and street maintenance. In addition to hotels and restaurants, we routinely provide our services to municipalities and counties, homeowner associations, shopping centers, airports, educational facilities, religious institutions, apartment complexes, entertainment venues, industrial facilities, office parks, subdivisions, retailers, and health care facilities. We are a highly respected commercial paving company with a reputation for exceptional workmanship, integrity, and professionalism, but our rates are highly competitive. We offer free quotes, so call our office in Round Rock at 512-677-9001 or submit the handy online request form.

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