When Is the Asphalt Sealcoating Season?

When Is the Asphalt Sealcoating Season?

Even in Austin, winter weather can be hard on asphalt pavement. With rain falling sporadically throughout the winter and the frequent freezing and thawing cycles, your pavement can show significant signs of distress by the time the first signs of spring appear. Although some property managers prefer to make asphalt repairs and sealcoating a springtime project, others prefer to schedule the work during the autumn months. Whether you prefer spring or autumn sealcoating, you may be wondering when the asphalt sealcoating season starts and ends in Central Texas.

When Is the Asphalt Sealcoating Season?

What Time Frame Does the Seal Coat Season Span?

It is challenging to provide calendar dates for the seal coating season in Central Texas. The weather in this area is highly unpredictable and can vary widely from one year to the next. Contractors must make an educated guess that relies on historical weather data. Usually, sealcoating season in Central Texas starts in late March and continues through October. However, weather conditions can allow sealcoating during other months as well.

What Weather Conditions Are Suitable for Sealcoating?

Contractors cannot apply sealants while it is raining or if rain is forecast within 24 hours of the application. A little wind is welcome, and the lower the humidity, the happier the contractor will be. Also, sealcoating needs to receive at least three hours of direct sunlight to cure, so most contractors will not perform asphalt sealing jobs at night or on cloudy days. However, the air and ground temperatures are the most critical factors, and although there are additives that can help adjust for humidity levels, temperatures and other factors, most contractors prefer to adhere to the following guidelines for temperatures.

1. Temperatures need to be at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit before the contractor applies the sealant and throughout the application process. Temperatures cannot drop below that point for at least 24 hours after the application. The asphalt particles in the sealant need to soften for the formation of a continuous film, so if it is too cold, the sealcoating will lack integrity and be less aesthetically appealing.
2. Once temperatures exceed 85 degrees Fahrenheit, the top layer can dry too quickly, especially if there is a brisk wind. The immobilized binder particles will be unable to fuse properly, affecting the formation of a continuous film. Furthermore, the liquid seal coating trapped below the dried layer will take longer to cure.

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