What Is Commercial Paving? Austin, TX

Although there are some similarities between residential and commercial paving projects, there are also several significant differences. Paving contractors will need far more asphalt to pave a parking lot that covers 150,000 square feet than they will need to pave a suburban driveway that is 20 feet wide and 18 feet long. However, constructing commercial pavement requires contractors to consider the pavement’s function and traffic before designing the pavement and choosing the appropriate materials and techniques.

What Is Commercial Paving? Austin, TX

What Are the Elements of a Quality Commercial Pavement?

Residential pavements are virtually always smaller and have lighter traffic and load requirements than commercial pavements. The intended use of commercial asphalt pavement is a critical factor when designing the pavement, but the contractor must also consider other factors that may vary from one project to another.

1. Commercial pavements usually support high volumes of traffic, and they must often bear the weight of dumpster trucks, tractor-trailers, buses, and delivery vans. Traffic volume and weight have a direct impact on the depth of asphalt pavement necessary to ensure the pavement’s longevity.
2. Experienced asphalt contractors know that the foundation is a critical part of a commercial paving project. The foundation gives asphalt pavement the support it needs to bear the weight of traffic without buckling, sagging or cracking. Most contractors use gravel or crushed stone to construct a foundation for a commercial pavement, and they may need to amend the underlying soil if it has a high content of clay or sand.
3. Industrial pavements tend to have more transition points than residential pavements. Residential paving may only have a single point where it connects to a street or alley, but a commercial pavement may connect to multiple streets, neighboring pavements or access roads. Whether building a new pavement, installing an asphalt overlay, or reconstructing an existing pavement, commercial contractors must make sure transitions between pavements are smooth and even.
4. Commercial pavements must drain adequately. Poor drainage can negatively affect the impressions that those using the pavement form about the business, but it can also present potential safety risks. Furthermore, improper drainage can shorten the life of asphalt pavement by forcing water beneath the pavement’s surface or allowing it to penetrate to the foundation. Reputable asphalt contractors will ensure that commercial pavements have the correct slope and sufficient catch basins or drains.
5. Compaction is a significant part of durable commercial pavement. Contractors must ensure that they have the right equipment and staffing necessary to ensure proper compaction of both the foundation materials and the asphalt courses

Why Is the Choice of an Asphalt Contractor Especially Important for Commercial Projects?

Many asphalt paving companies offer both residential and commercial work. Understanding the different requirements between the two ensures that the contractor will design and construct your commercial asphalt pavement to achieve its maximum longevity with a minimum of significant repairs. Therefore, hiring the right contractor is the most critical element in obtaining quality results.

A good start may be to ask which paving contractors Austin TX property owners or managers hired to have similar work performed. Call your business contacts or ask potential contractors for references. Check for recent work as well as older construction and repairs to get a better picture of the client’s long-term satisfaction with the contractor’s work.

The contractor should have experience as well as the proper equipment to perform the needed work. Commercial asphalt paving projects often require vast amounts of material that must receive adequate handling. The contractor should have an adequate number of highly trained and experienced workers.

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