Reduce Costs With a Fall Asphalt Maintenance Plan

Falling leaves signify the return of autumn and the approach of winter. When the leaves begin to change colors, it is a great time to contact your asphalt contractor to put into action your fall maintenance plan. Any issues or existing damage can be repaired before low or possibly temperatures hamper the process. Small problems are less costly to repair but left neglected; small issues may become costly major damage by spring. Preventive maintenance is a proactive way to ensure the integrity and long life of your existing asphalt pavement. A well-maintained asphalt pavement will last much longer than a neglected one, and the overall cost to properly maintain your asphalt pavement over an extended life span will likely be far less than the premature cost of major repairs or total replacement. Presenting a well-maintained asphalt parking lot or other asphalt structure can create a welcoming atmosphere and a much safer environment.

What Does a Fall Asphalt Maintenance Plan Include?

You or your contractor should conduct a thorough visual inspection of the entire asphalt pavement. In some cases, it might be advisable to perform the investigation after a rainstorm. You will want to look for signs of any or all of the following problems.

• Puddles: Any water that remains on the pavement after the rain has stopped could signify a failure in the subbase. All asphalt pavements should allow any surface water to flow away easily. Since a clogged drain can sometimes result in pooling, check all drains for dead leaves and other debris. If water remains on the surface after other areas have dried or after you clear the suspect drain, call your asphalt contractor immediately for a complete evaluation of the problem.
• Cleanliness: Routine maintenance should include the prompt removal of any accumulated debris. Performing your visual inspection immediately after a thorough cleaning will allow you to see any problems that might be present more easily. Remove all debris, including live and dead vegetation, trash, dirt, and gravel. Leaves and trash should be swept with a broom and deposited in a trash receptacle; using a leaf blower may allow the debris to blow back onto the asphalt pavement. Remove dirt and smaller particles of debris by using a hose or a pressure washer set on low to wash the pavement. Trash and leaves can trap moisture that can infiltrate the interior of the pavement through cracks, resulting in extensive damage to the pavement and its foundation. Rocks, gravel, and other hard objects can wear away at the asphalt and its protective seal coating when vehicles drive over them. Oil and other petroleum-based products will react with the asphalt binder and cause deterioration of the surface, and eventually the interior structure of the pavement, so prompt removal of these chemicals is important.
• Damage: It may be easy to spot potholes and patches of alligator cracking, but you should also look for small cracks and other damage that may not be as obvious. Potholes and alligator cracking often begin as surface cracks that may expand rapidly. Asphalt crack sealing is an integral part of any preventive maintenance program.
• Sealcoating: Examine the parking lot seal coat for signs of cracking, flaking, or wear. Asphalt sealing should be performed every couple of years to protect the pavement from UV rays, improve waterproofing, and fill small voids. Neglecting your seal coating can lead to premature failure of the asphalt pavement and necessitate costlier procedures, possibly including asphalt resurfacing or reconstruction.
• Markings: Parking lines and other pavement markings should be visible and in the proper locations. Examine signage for appropriate placement and condition. Pavement markings and signage are essential safety measures, and you may have a legal requirement to provide certain signs and markings. Consult an experienced and professional asphalt pavement contractor to ensure that you are in total compliance.

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