Asphalt Crack Repair Is Vital For Asphalt Maintenance

Crack Repair Is Vital For Asphalt Maintenance Round Rock, TXIf you want to realize the best return on your investment in asphalt pavement, it is essential that you keep it maintained. One of the most critical elements of an effective maintenance program is asphalt crack repair.

Crack Repair Is Vital For Asphalt Maintenance – But Why?

Asphalt pavement relies on a solid, stable foundation for strength and resiliency. If the foundation becomes eroded or destabilized, the pavement can begin to sag under its own weight. Every vehicle that passes over the weakened area causes additional damage, and before long, your pavement will be plagued by potholes and alligator cracking. Cracks allow water to infiltrate beneath the pavement, damaging the foundation. Should the ground temperatures drop below freezing, the expanding ice will do even more damage to the foundation as well as the pavement, and each freeze/thaw cycle will exacerbate the damage.

When Should Cracks Be Filled?

Ideally, cracks should be filled as soon as they occur and while they are still small. At the minimum, you should have cracks repaired in the fall prior to the onset of cold weather and in the spring prior to the arrival of the thunderstorms that are so common in Central Texas.

Will Sealcoating Fill Cracks?

No, sealcoating can only fill minor flaws in the pavement’s surface. It cannot be used as a substitute for proper crack repair. In fact, cracks should always be repaired before sealcoating is applied.

What Is the Procedure for Repairing Cracks?

Before a repair is attempted, your contractor will want to remove any dirt, sand or debris from the cracks to ensure that the filler adheres properly. Pressurized air may be used to remove sand and dirt, steel brushes are sometimes used to remove debris and a motorized machine called a router may be used to create a smooth surface. After the area is properly prepared, the crack filler that your contractor has determined to be the best for your situation will be applied.

Who Should I Call for Asphalt Repairs and Maintenance?

Alpha Paving Industries is a full-service, award-winning asphalt paving contractor with more than three decades of experience in the asphalt industry. We serve most of Central Texas, including the metropolitan Austin area. We offer crack filling, asphalt paving, asphalt patching, sealcoating, parking lot striping and many more asphalt-related services. Our dedicated crews are committed to delivering superior results at reasonable rates. If you would like a free quote, you can call us at (512) 677-9001 or complete the online form.

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