What Should You Look For In A Free Paving Estimate?

What Should You Look For In A Free Paving Estimate? austin paving servicesMany experienced asphalt contractors can provide you with an estimate over the phone if you know the approximate square footage, age, condition, and procedures that you need. However, a great contractor will want to visit your site so that he can improve the accuracy of his estimate. Regardless of whether you need a new parking lot, minor repairs, or routine maintenance, when you request a free estimate from a contractor, you want to make sure that he includes all of the following.

What Should You Look For In A Free Paving Estimate?

Which Asphalt Services Do You Need?

After inspecting your pavement, a reputable asphalt contractor will apprise you of the specific procedures that your pavement needs. He will explain why the procedures are necessary and how they are performed in terms that you can quickly and fully understand. If the contractor answers in vague terms or a condescending manner, you will likely be making a mistake if you hire him.

What Materials Will the Contractor Use?

Asphalt mix, sealcoating, striping paint, and other products are available from various suppliers and in a variety of formulations. Experienced contractors know which products will work best for your specific needs. Furthermore, they will be able to explain why they recommend one product over another.

After recommending the proper products, the contractor should then explain the necessary quantities of each. For example, if you want your contractor to install an asphalt overlay, he will be able to tell you the depth of the overlay, the type of asphalt mix, and the tons or square yards that the overlay will require. If he is to sealcoat your pavement, he will be able to tell you how many gallons the job will require as well as the type of sealant he recommends.

What Special Issues Might Your Asphalt Contractor Encounter?

As any Austin paving company can tell you, every job has the potential to present unique issues. On some jobs, the contractor will need to correct drainage issues to help prevent unnecessary damage from standing water. Pavements that lie in heavy shade may present challenges when applying a sealant; without sufficient sunlight, the sealant will cure slower. You may need your contractor to limit his work to specific days of the week, or you may need him to keep access open to certain areas at specific times.

How Much Will the Asphalt Work Inconvenience Your Customers or Employees?

Although minor asphalt repairs typically cause little disruption to traffic flow, an asphalt overlay or a pavement reconstruction can sometimes be an inconvenience. On large projects, experienced contractors will offer a plan to minimize the inconvenience. He will be able to estimate how long each phase of the project will take to complete. Before beginning the work, he will communicate with you so that you can advise your tenants or employees if they need to park in a specific area or use a particular entrance on certain days.

Can Your Paving Contractor Provide References and Proof of Insurance?

Many reputable asphalt contractors attach a list of references for you to contact. They should also be able to provide you with proof of valid workers’ compensation, liability, and vehicle insurance policies.

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