NXP Semiconductors | Asphalt Paving | Austin, TX

At Alpha Paving, we sometimes receive calls from clients who want to schedule their paving installation or routine maintenance weeks or even months in advance. At other times, clients need us to complete their work as soon as possible. This was the case when NXP Semiconductors called us in 2017 for a large, one-day parking lot repair. The NXP site was once occupied by Tracor before becoming the Motorola site. East Austin, where the site is located, is notorious for its clay soil. Clay soils shrink during dry weather and expand during wet weather. This makes clay soil no friend of roads or parking lots. We completed the job on time and within budget, and they have continued to call us for the parking lot and road work on their 265-acre campus. We submitted bids in 2018 and 2019 as the client’s budget allowed. In December 2019, the NXP project manager requested a meeting to review an earlier bid. On December 4, we walked the area that they were hoping to complete by the end of the year.

NXP Semiconductors | Asphalt Paving | Austin, TX

What Work Did NXP Semiconductors Ask Alpha Paving to Perform?

The project involved a private road with an estimated age of at least 50 years. The pavement was showing its age, and repairs were long overdue. Settling had made the road hazardous for both vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Indeed, this was an extension of similar repairs we made at the site in 2017. In both cases, we recommended a more in-depth repair than the typical replacement of the asphalt to a depth of two inches.

The base underneath the pavement was failing as the roadway was shifting downhill in the direction of a retention pond. At this point, we recommended that the road repair should be preceded by a curb and gutter replacement of approximately 70 linear feet. This stretch had also fallen away, so water no longer flowed toward the storm drain. NXP agreed to the change, but the deadline remained the same, so all work had to be completed before the end of December.

Despite the green light from the project manager, we could not begin work until we received official approval from the client’s headquarters. We did not receive their purchase order until December 9. We began work the following day, finishing the concrete repairs on December 12. This gave the concrete two days to cure before the asphalt crew arrived on Saturday morning, which was the last Saturday before the asphalt plants closed for the holidays.

The weather was on our side. Between daybreak and 10 a.m., the milling machine removed 370 tons of the old pavement. Working in concert, the paving crew placed two lifts of three inches each, completing all work before sunset without impacting site operations. However, the project was not quite complete. The striping crew arrived on December 19 to restripe the old configuration as well as 200 feet of a new pedestrian walkway.

We completed the work with one day to spare before we closed for the holidays. The client was so satisfied that they called us in January to ask for some emergency striping at the site as they were undertaking another phase in a multimillion-dollar expansion. We performed the work, and the client asked us to submit a proposal for another asphalt repair in February.

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