Pavement Marking Design Changes

Pavement Marking Design Changes, asphalt companies in texas

Parking lots vary greatly in size and function, but they all have the same primary purpose: to offer a designated area where drivers can park their vehicles efficiently and safely. Unfortunately, the design of the parking lot often receives much less attention than the design of the store, restaurant, apartment complex or office building. The oversight can result in a parking area that is visually unappealing, provides poor utilization of the space or makes it more difficult for drivers to navigate the lot and/or park their vehicles. If you are dissatisfied with the current pavement marking design of your parking lot, you will be happy to learn that changing lot designs is a common task performed by experienced contractors.

Pavement Marking Design Changes – Striping of Spaces

The stripes applied to define parking spaces are important for several reasons. Visible stripes guide drivers in the placement of their vehicles, helping to reduce “door dings” and other types of damage. Freshly painted stripes make the area aesthetically appealing, which is important since your parking lot is the first impression that most visitors will have of your operation. Striping also helps ensure that you maximize the number of vehicles that can be safely parked in your lot.

Parking stalls can be configured for head-in parking, parallel parking or angled parking. The most commonly used configuration for angled parking provides an angle of 60 degrees; this angle makes it easier for drivers to park as well as back out of the space. Head-in parking stalls are 90 degrees; although more difficult for drivers to maneuver into and out of the spaces, head-in parking spaces allow more cars to be parked in the same area. Spaces for parallel parking are almost always reserved for spaces next to curbs, walls or fences. Some angled spaces are set at 45 degrees, and although not as common as the other types of parking stalls, they can be an excellent option for tight areas.

Yellow and white are the colors of paint that are commonly used for parking stalls. The lines along the edges of the stalls may be single or double. Double lines provide slightly more room for opening doors and typically have boxed ends. Rounded ends are more decorative and sophisticated, but the cost will be higher.

Pavement Marking Design Changes – ADA Markings

Making your parking lot ADA-compliant requires more than merely posting a sign. The regulations dictate the precise pavement markings that must be applied, the width of the parking space, the requirements for the adjoining loading space, the number of spaces required and the location of the spaces. If you are considering changing the design of your parking lot, you should work with an experienced contractor who understands the ADA, state and local regulations for accessibility.

Other Elements

When redesigning a parking lot, there are numerous other elements that may need to be considered. For example, traffic lanes may be too narrow to support two-way traffic, additional crosswalks may be needed or the placement of your curb ramps may no longer be correct. You might want to install wheel stops, speed bumps, landscaped areas, additional catch basins or improved pavement markings to help guide drivers to the exits.

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