Pflugerville Independent School District | Austin, TX

At Alpha, we never lose sight of the fact that today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders. Over the years, we have been honored to assist numerous Central Texas school districts with their concrete and asphalt needs. The work required artistic creativity as well as a high level of technical precision. When the Pflugerville ISD needed paving services at Parmer Lane Elementary School in the summer of 2020, Alpha was once more selected to handle the work.

Pflugerville Independent School District | Austin, TX

What Were the Issues With the Existing Pavement at Parmer Lane Elementary School?

 Most of the issues involved the main drive leading to all of the school’s dumpsters at the back of the property. The volume of traffic, the weight of the trash trucks, and drainage issues originating from the adjacent park had caused significant damage. There were several areas of alligatored asphalt, and traffic was causing sand to be pumped to the surface in some of these areas. The existing dumpster pads had also suffered extensive damage. It was also vital to address the drainage issues to prevent problems from returning.

What Work Did Alpha Perform at Parmer Lane Elementary School?

 Alpha handled all of the necessary work, including the concrete, asphalt, sealcoating, and striping tasks. This was an extensive project that required approximately one month to complete.

 • We repaired approximately 14,200 square feet of asphalt pavement to a depth of four inches with Type D asphalt.

 • We applied two coats of sealcoating to 70,825 square feet of pavement. This required about 2,000 gallons of Jennite AE, a high-performance sealant.

 • We installed a concrete dumpster pad that measured 58 feet by 28 feet.

 • We installed a concrete flume to address the drainage issues. Flumes are often the best way to deal with aboveground drainage when the surface is relatively flat. The flume encompassed almost 2,450 square feet.

 • We striped the parking lot and applied pavement markings, including traffic arrows and a centerline on the drive.

 • As always, we completed the work as scheduled and within budget.

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