How to Seal Successfully

How to Seal Successfully, asphalt sealcoating alpha paving austinApplying asphalt sealcoating in Austin may be easier during the long, hot, sunny days of summer, but many successful jobs are handled during the autumn months. However, asphalt contractors in Austin must adjust their methods and their time frames to ensure that the sealant adheres and cures properly before temperatures drop too low.Most sealants have a high water content — between 60 and 70 percent by volume — and it is the evaporation of this water that allows the sealant to cure. Sealants dry from the top down, so if there is any moisture left in the bottom layer, the water can freeze, preventing proper adhesion and causing the sealant to flake or peel.

Asphalt contractors must consider three factors when planning a sealcoating job in the fall. The first is the temperature of both the pavement and the air. As a general rule, drying and curing times are lengthened as temperatures decrease. The second factor is the relative humidity; low humidity allows the water to evaporate faster, while high humidity levels slow the process. The final factor is the wind velocity — strong, consistent winds can help remove the moisture from the sealant. All of these factors must be evaluated in conjunction with the amount of sunlight the area receives. Shaded areas require additional drying time.

A seal coat cannot be rushed. The sealant must be applied in thin coats, rather than heavy layers. An extra four to six hours of drying time is recommended, and at least three of these hours should be during periods of sunlight. This means that contractors should plan to end the work in the early afternoon and that two days may need to be scheduled to complete the job.

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