Sealcoating & Coats Needed

Sealcoating & Coats Needed, alpha paving sealcoating

How many coats of asphalt sealer are necessary depends primarily on the traffic to which the area will be subjected, but the condition of the asphalt can also be a consideration. If the area does not receive much traffic, such as the driveway to a single-family residence, a single coat is most often all that is needed. If the asphalt is very dry or porous, however, it may “soak up” too much of the sealant, requiring a second coat.

Sealcoating & Coats Needed – The Reasons Why

For commercial applications, such as parking lots, the recommended standard is two full coats of sealant. Areas that must bear heavy loads, such as lanes leading to loading docks, or that are subjected to a great deal of turning or braking, such as entrances, normally need the added protection of a third coat in those specific locations.

It is critical that each coat be allowed to dry before the subsequent coat is applied. Asphalt sealers are water-based, so it is the evaporation of the water that leads to drying. If a new coat is applied over wet sealant, the moisture cannot evaporate properly and the sealant cannot cure properly. The sealer can puddle or be tracked into the home or office. The same problems arise if the sealant is applied too thickly. Thin, uniform coats are the key to success when seal coating. The final coat must be dry before striping can begin or the area is opened to traffic.

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