Street Maintenance

City streets and county roads are a critical part of the area’s infrastructure. Residents want a safe, smooth ride whether they are traveling by car, bicycle or motorcycle. Pedestrians expect intersections and sidewalks that are easily and safely navigated. In addition to keeping residents happy, well-maintained streets encourage people from surrounding areas to visit your town for their shopping and recreational needs. In a subdivision, poorly maintained streets can discourage potential buyers or encourage current owners to begin searching for a new home. However, it is also important to remember that professional, timely maintenance can dramatically extend the useful life of your pavement.

Maintenance for Streets and Roads

Most people will complain about potholes much sooner than they will complain about cracks in the pavement. This is somewhat ironic; in many instances, potholes are the result of neglected cracks. Cracks give water access to the foundation that supports the pavement. The foundation can be eroded, causing the pavement to subside or break. When temperatures drop below freezing, the trapped water expands, causing even more damage. As a result, potholes can form as well as alligator cracking.

Another potential cause of potholes and cracks is the volume and type of traffic using the street. Streets are engineered to support specific types of vehicles, so allowing buses or heavy trucks on streets that were designed to bear only passenger vehicles can cause damage to the pavement. An excessive volume of traffic can also damage your pavement. This type of damage is often seen when traffic on a busy thoroughfare must be routed through a residential neighborhood while the major roadway is undergoing extensive work.

It is relatively inexpensive to have cracks and potholes repaired when they first appear. However, the longer you wait, the more extensive the damage will be and the more expensive it will be to repair the damage.

Other Maintenance Needs

Although the surface of the pavement needs to be maintained, there are other components that need to be considered. Curbs and gutters are essential for channeling runoff away from the pavement and into the storm drains. Sidewalks with uneven slabs pose a tripping hazard to pedestrians. Traffic islands on divided roadways may need to be repaired. Pavement markings used to denote traffic lanes, crosswalks and traffic flow need to be repainted periodically to ensure that they are clearly visible.

One maintenance procedure that is often overlooked by those responsible for asphalt pavement is sealcoating. Sealcoating is quite economical, but it is an extremely effective way to protect asphalt pavement from premature deterioration caused by exposure to UV rays and automotive fluids. In many cases, routine sealcoating can more than double the life of the pavement. In addition, sealcoating refreshes the color of asphalt pavement and fills in minor flaws, improving the appearance of the pavement and making pavement markings more visible.

A highly effective maintenance procedure for concrete or asphalt pavements that have been damaged beyond repair is an asphalt overlay. A layer of asphalt can be applied over the existing pavement without the costly and time-consuming process of removing the existing pavement and completely reconstructing it. An overlay is far less costly than a complete replacement, but it will be similar in longevity and appearance to a rebuilt asphalt pavement. However, overlays are not usually an option if the pavement’s foundation has been severely destabilized.

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