Why Summer Is the Best Time for Asphalt Sealcoating | Austin

Why Summer Is the Best Time for Asphalt Sealcoating | Austin

Reputable asphalt companies understand the many benefits of professionally applied sealants. Although surprisingly economical, sealants can often double the life of asphalt pavements when combined with timely repairs and routine maintenance. To ensure maximum protection, your contractor will need to reapply the sealant occasionally. The correct interval will depend on the factors that are unique to your specific pavement, so you may need to reapply the sealant as frequently as every 18 months or as seldom as every five years. When planning your reapplications, it is always best to choose the summer months for the task.

Why Summer Is the Best Time for Asphalt Sealcoating | Austin

What Are the Reasons for Applying Sealant in the Summer?

Summer is the best time to apply seal coat for several reasons. These include maximizing protection against UV rays, the number of hours of sunlight available, and the typical temperatures during the summer months.

Why Does Asphalt Pavement Need UV Protection?

The UV rays that the sun emits can rob asphalt pavement of its moisture. This makes the pavement brittle and dry, speeding up the rate of deterioration. The sun will also fade the color of asphalt pavement, robbing it of the luxurious, dark black color it had when it was new. Sealants block UV rays to help prevent premature deterioration and fading. They can also restore the characteristic rich color to the pavement that has already faded and turned a dingy color.

What Effect Does the Amount of Daylight Available Have on Sealant Applications?

Most sealcoating contractors will refuse to apply sealants at night. Sealants need several hours of direct sunlight if they are to cure properly. With longer workdays, contractors can apply more sealant per day; this may take the form of completing multiple jobs in the same area on the same day or applying multiple coats on the same job. By reducing mobilization expenses, your contractor may be able to offer you a lower price.

Why Does the Temperature Matter to Austin Sealcoating Contractors?

Sealants are finicky products that require temperatures within specific tolerances. If it is too cool, the sealant will not cure properly, so the job will be a failure. It is not just the temperature at the time of application. Parking lot maintenance contractors know that they must also consider how low the temperature will fall during the first 24 hours. Although temperatures can be too hot to apply a sealant, Austin sealcoating contractors know that it is usually much easier to cool down a hot pavement than it is to adjust a mix to address cooler temperatures. There are times when there is no way to sufficiently adapt a sealant mix to handle the cold.

Why Should I Call Alpha Paving for My Pavement Needs?

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