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Retailers and restaurateurs seldom have the luxury of closing their doors while their parking area is being repaired or maintained. They need an asphalt paving contractor who can prevent chaos through efficient traffic management and clear, effective communication. They need the project completed as quickly as possible without impacting their normal business hours, angering their customers or impeding their business operations. When the Arboretum needed to rehabilitate its parking lot, Alpha Paving was selected for the job.

The Arboretum | Retail Paving | Austin, TX -About the Arboretum

The Arboretum is an open-air mall in Austin that opened in 1985. The beautifully landscaped setting includes several parks, a fountain garden and a large playground. More than 40 restaurants and stores share 210,197 square feet of space. Customers can choose from a selection of upscale retailers as well as classic stores, and whether they want to enjoy a quick lunch or a leisurely dinner, they are sure to find a restaurant that suits their needs. The Arboretum is an extremely busy shopping center, and most tenants are open every day. This meant that the work would have to be performed while customers and employees were arriving and departing. A great deal of time was devoted to planning the project and ensuring that each of our employees thoroughly understood the schedule of work.

Washington Prime Group manages the property, so Alpha Paving worked closely with Luis Chavez, the operations director. We also worked very closely with the tenants, minimizing the inconvenience to tenants and their customers through careful planning and effective communication. We enjoyed working with Luis and his team, and we were pleased to provide Washington Prime Group with quality work that adhered to their schedule and remained within budget.

About the Job

A substantial part of this rehabilitation focused on the main parking area for the center. The pavement’s foundation was in good shape, so the decision was made to apply an asphalt overlay after milling was completed. The entire project was approximately 850 tons of mill and overlay. After completion of this phase, our striping team laid out the entire parking area and striped the new asphalt to the existing layout. Work was completed in one day.

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