Asphalt: Low Prices Are Not Always Your Friend

Asphalt: Low Prices Are Not Always Your Friend, alpha paving Loving a bargain seems to be part of the human psyche. Most people like to save money on their purchases, whether they shop sales, conduct price comparisons or redeem coupons. However, the cheapest price is not always the best bargain.

Asphalt: Low Prices Are Not Always Your Friend

Take ground beef, for example. According to tests conducted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, if you buy high-fat ground beef and use it to fry hamburger patties at home, your pound of hamburger will yield approximately 11 ounces of cooked meat. The low-fat variety will yield 12.3 ounces — over 8 percent more. Thus, if the difference in price is less than approximately 8 percent, the low-fat grind is a better bargain.

As another example, suppose you can choose between two pairs of shoes. One pair costs $25 but appears shoddily made, while the other pair is $35 but appears extremely well-made. If you can get the same wear out of both pairs, the first pair is the better bargain. However, if the second pair is going to last twice as long, the first pair is no bargain at all.

What do shoes and ground beef have to do with asphalt?

On the surface, shopping for food and clothing may seem very different from selecting an asphalt contractor. However, the basic lessons are the same.

• Make sure that you are not comparing apples and oranges when you compare price quotes.Is the asphalt paving cost quoting identical specifications, scope and time? Does each contractor have crews with the comparable skills and experience? How does each contractor handle issues such as equipment failure or inspections? What do former customers have to say about the different contractors? Do former customers report that the work was finished on time and was of high quality? Were they and their property treated with respect by the contractor and his employees?
• The quality of the work is extremely important. Saving 20 percent on a job is no bargain if you have to have the work repeated twice as often. Be wary of contractors who quote prices that are dramatically lower than the competition. Occasionally, this is legitimate, but many times, the contractor plans on using sub-par materials and equipment, inexperienced labor or shortcuts that can impact the longevity of the work. Typically, when you collect quotes from a number of contractors, you will find that most of them are clustered in the middle and very close in price, with one or two that are a great deal higher or lower than the rest.

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