Asphalt Maintenance Tips – Maintaining Your Pavement

Asphalt Maintenance Tips - Maintaining Your Pavement, austin When reputable paving companies install asphalt pavement, they are willing to stand behind their work. However, experienced paving contractors know that the care that the new pavement receives over the course of its life will have a great deal to do with the pavement’s longevity and the customer’s satisfaction. Asphalt contractors advise their customers to have sealcoating applied as soon as the pavement is fully cured and to have fresh sealcoating applied periodically. They recommend that customers conduct regular inspections of their pavements so that any cracks that develop can be repaired promptly. Experienced paving contractors in Austin also suggest that customers keep their pavements clean to help prevent issues that could damage asphalt pavement and shorten its life.

Asphalt Maintenance Tips – Maintaining Your Pavement

What Is Involved in the Cleaning of Asphalt Pavement?

Cleaning the pavement is part of an effective parking lot maintenance program, but pavements used for other purposes can also benefit from some of the same steps.

• Dirt, gravel, trash, fallen leaves, grass clippings and other debris should be removed regularly. Moisture collects underneath these piles and becomes trapped. If any cracks are present, the moisture can find a path to the pavement’s base, resulting in the erosion and eventual destabilization of the base. Furthermore, some types of vegetation and inks used on paper products can stain your pavement. Methods for removing debris include leaf blowers, push brooms, mechanical sweepers and the professional sweeping services offered by many asphalt companies. A regular garden hose or pressure washer set at a low setting may also be useful in some situations.
• Virtually all automotive fluids are petroleum derivatives. Petroleum products tend to try to reunite when they come into contact with each other. Asphalt is also a petroleum-based product, so when other petroleum derivatives try to combine with it, they must first break it down. The result is a softening process that leaves asphalt pavement crumbly and easily damaged by even light traffic. Quality sealants slow the penetration of automotive fluids, but the fluids will eventually eat through the sealcoating and begin breaking down the pavement. Removal typically involves applying a substance to absorb any puddles before scrubbing the area with a degreaser or cleanser made specifically for asphalt pavement. Asphalt contractors have access to strong chemicals that can be used for removing oil stains, but these chemicals should only be used by a trained, experienced professional.
• Another step in your parking lot maintenance plan should be to ensure that all drains, gutters and catch basins allow water to flow freely from your pavement. Clogged drains can force water to collect on the surrounding pavement. In addition to the risks presented by pooled water, the puddles could conceal damaged pavement. Furthermore, any dirt or debris that was washed from your pavement can be redistributed and become concentrated into piles that may require extra effort to remove.

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