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At Alpha Paving, we routinely provide a variety of pavement-related services to municipalities and counties throughout Central Texas. These projects vary widely, but many of them involve street maintenance or road construction requiring an asphalt overlay or asphalt paving. Some projects are extremely easy, but others can be challenging. A project that we completed in December 2016 for the City of Pflugerville was far from the most challenging project we have attempted, but it did present some unique issues that had to be addressed.

Asphalt Overlay | City of Pflugerville, TX  | Primary Challenges

Kennemer Drive in Pflugerville,TX runs from Kelly Lane to Speidel Drive. It is a major corridor for traffic commuting between a large neighborhood and the three schools located off of Kelly Lane. This means that Kennemer Drive is subjected to a high volume of traffic, especially at the beginning and end of the school day. This meant that the hours during which we could work were restricted.

Ideally, when we need to perform street maintenance or repairs, traffic can be detoured onto a nearby street to avoid inconveniencing residents as well as to enhance the safety of our workers. However, this was not possible; Kennemer Drive is bordered by a golf course and residential neighborhoods that do not have through streets flowing in the same direction as Kennemer. The lack of a usable detour added even more complexity to the project.

About the Project

The Kennemer Drive project involved repairing the existing pavement before installing an asphalt overlay. The repairs were vital for the longevity of the overlay. There were areas in which the base had become destabilized; if the base is compromised, it will not support the overlay, resulting in cracks or subsidence. Furthermore, if cracks or potholes are not repaired prior to installing an overlay, the overlay will conform to the damage pattern, resulting in the same cracks or potholes quickly appearing in the new asphalt.

We repaired approximately 2,300 square yards of pavement, including making full-depth base repairs of between 6 inches and 10 inches. There were approximately 5,600 square yards of pavement that had to be milled to a depth of 2 inches before installing an asphalt overlay of roughly the same size. To facilitate a sidewalk, we also extended the box culverts at two different locations along Kennemer Drive.

Alpha Paving met the challenges associated with this project by planning every detail carefully. As always, our employees delivered quality results while maintaining a safe environment for themselves as well as everyone who needed to travel on Kennemer Drive during the rehabilitation project.

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