What Happened to My Asphalt Parking Lot

What Happened to My Asphalt Parking Lot. asphalt paving At times, it can be easy to not really look an asphalt parking lot you see every day. Perhaps you drive by a store every day for months without ever noticing its name, or you might not recall whether the slats in your home’s blinds are slanted up or down. At other times, changes happen so gradually that you do not notice them until something requires you to focus on them. For example, you might not notice the changing of the seasons until you realize your lawn needs to be mowed.

Another item that can sometimes be ignored is the condition of your asphalt parking lot. You may drive on it every day without noticing its true condition. Eventually, however, you take a closer look and ask, “What happened to my beautiful asphalt?” Here are some of the most common answers to that question.

Asphalt Parking Lot And The Sun

Ultraviolet radiation can age your asphalt prematurely. The sun’s rays can rob it of moisture and leave it dry and brittle, making it more prone to cracks. UV rays can also fade asphalt from its normal rich, black color to a dingy gray. The best way to prevent sun damage is to keep your asphalt sealcoated. Sealcoating can even help restore the asphalt’s color if it has faded.

Water Penetration

Alligator cracking and potholes are typically caused by water that has penetrated beneath your pavement. Water can compromise the integrity of the pavement’s supporting foundation, and the asphalt parking lot, if it freezes. As traffic passes over the weakened area, the pavement can lose its ability to support the weight. Having cracks filled as soon as they appear and ensuring that your parking lot has adequate drainage are the most helpful ways to avoid damages caused by water penetration.

Automotive Fluids

The only parking lot that will never be subjected to an automotive fluid leak is one that does not allow motorized vehicles. Sooner or later, cars and trucks will leak some type of fluid on your asphalt parking lot. The offending liquid may be oil, transmission fluid, gasoline, power steering fluid or some other type of fluid. All of them can cause unsightly stains, but they will also eat through your sealcoating in time and cause your asphalt pavement to deteriorate prematurely. Since sealcoating alone will not prevent damage to your pavement, your best solution is to have the stains professionally removed periodically.

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