Asphalt Pavement & Austin Winter Paving

Asphalt Pavement & Austin Winter Paving, asphalt paving company austin tx In Austin, Texas, paving contractors frequently encounter two types of people: those who assume that asphalt pavement can only be installed during the summer and those who assume that asphalt pavement can be installed year-round. It is true that temperatures rarely drop below freezing in this area, and it is also true that the busy season for asphalt contractors is usually from early spring through late autumn. However, asphalt pavement is often installed during the winter. It may require a little extra effort, but Asphalt Pavement & Austin Winter Paving can be performed without affecting the quality of the finished pavement.

Asphalt Pavement & Austin Winter Paving

Considerations for Winter Paving

There are three critical factors that asphalt contractors take into account when planning a paving job in the winter. They are the surface temperature, the layer thickness and the mix temperature. All three of these factors are interrelated.

• When two different substances that have different temperatures are placed together, heat transference will occur until each substance is roughly the same temperature. As the temperature difference increases, the rate at which heat is transferred also increases. This means that when hot asphalt is applied to a cold surface, the asphalt will cool faster.
Asphalt pavement requires sufficient compaction to be strong and durable. The asphalt must be compacted before it loses too much heat. Since a greater difference between the temperature of the surface and the temperature of the asphalt allows the asphalt to cool faster, the time in which compaction must be performed becomes shorter as the differential increases.
• Thin layers of asphalt lose their heat faster than thick layers. When the temperature differential reaches a certain point, a thin layer is incapable of retaining heat long enough for adequate compaction to be performed.

If necessary, the contractor can compensate for any issues presented by cold weather. For example, he may ask the asphalt supplier to increase the mix temperature or tarp the trucks to help retain the heat and minimize crusting. He might bring in additional rolling machines to ensure that compaction can be performed quickly. He may need to minimize handwork and pay special attention to the compaction of joints. He could bring in remixing pavers or other special equipment to help ensure the uniformity of the mix temperature. He will also schedule the timing of deliveries to avoid extended waits that could allow the mix to cool excessively.

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