The Best Gift for Your Asphalt Pavement This Winter

The Best Gift for Your Asphalt Pavement This Winter, paving austinEven in Central Texas, winter weather can take a heavy toll on asphalt pavements. A typical winter can be bad enough, but property owners must also try to plan for the unexpected. Abnormally cold temperatures, unusually heavy snowfalls, ice storms, and above-average rainfalls can occur without much warning. If you were to ask a dozen asphalt contractors what you should do to protect your pavement over the winter, they would tell you that the best gift you could give your pavement is professional maintenance.

The Best Gift for Your Asphalt Pavement This Winter

What Are the Critical Parts of Asphalt Parking Lot Maintenance?

A new expanse of asphalt is very attractive. It has a smooth, even surface, and a lustrous dark color. Professional parking lot maintenance can help your pavement retain its beauty. Still, an effective preventive maintenance program can also help your pavement obtain a life that is two or three times longer than if you neglect it.

1. Asphalt crack repair is essential if you want to protect your pavement. Open cracks let the water reach the foundation, leading to erosion and destabilization. In a relatively short time, alligator cracking and potholes can form, causing even more damage to the foundation. You could be facing a complete reconstruction of your pavement long before you should. Asphalt crack sealing and crack filling are the two methods of repairing cracks. Most contractors prefer to use crack sealer whenever possible. A crack sealer will remain flexible, so it is not prone to crack or break its bonds when temperatures fluctuate.
2. A clean parking lot can survive winter weather better than a dirty one. Keep trash, automotive fluids, and piles of dirt, leaves, or gravel off of your pavement. Regular sweeping and periodic cleanings can keep moisture or ice from collecting next to your pavement and remaining trapped by the debris.
3. It is difficult to underestimate the importance of parking lot sealcoating. Asphalt sealcoating blocks UV rays to prevent premature drying of the binders in your pavement. It will also restore the dark color that your asphalt pavement had when it was new, and it will help prevent color fading. Furthermore, sealcoating gives you more time to remove corrosive chemicals and automotive fluids before they can damage your pavement. Since sealcoating does not last forever, you should talk to a reputable contractor to determine the appropriate schedule for your pavement. Most parking lots need fresh sealcoating every two years, but some pavements may require an annual touch-up. Still, others only need new sealcoating every three or four years.

Regardless of whether you have a small, relatively new pavement or a large, aging one, be sure that you hire an experienced, reputable asphalt contractor. There are many different products available, and there are various techniques for applying them. Your satisfaction will depend on the skills, equipment, and knowledge of the contractor as well as his crew.

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