Asphalt Paving | How Much Is This Going to Cost?

Asphalt Paving | How Much Is This Going to Cost?, asphalt resurfacing austinAsphalt paving contractors frequently receive calls from potential customers who need to know how much they should allocate for a new rebuilt or resurfaced pavement. Many of these callers express surprise that the contractor cannot offer them a firm price without actually visiting the customer’s site. Although experienced contractors can provide a rough estimate, they need to evaluate several factors before issuing a binding quote.

Asphalt Paving | How Much Is This Going to Cost?

What Variables Determine the Cost of an Asphalt Pavement?

Many people believe that a contractor only needs to know the square footage to determine the cost of asphalt pavement, but that is just one of the variables that he will evaluate.

1. Where is the site? How far is it from the asphalt plant, and how far is it from the contractor’s yard? Asphalt plants typically charge mileage-based hauling fees, and contractors must also consider the distance when determining how much it will cost to move their equipment and workers to the site.
2. Are the roads and bridges leading to the site by the most direct route suitable for the trucks and heavy equipment? In some remote areas, it may be necessary to take a circuitous route that will increase hauling and mobilization costs.
3. Is the site accessible, or will the paving contractor need to construct an access road? This is usually not an issue if there is an existing structure or pavement, but it can be problematic if the site is on undeveloped land.
4. If there is an existing pavement, did it fail prematurely? If so, why did the pavement fail to achieve its expected life? Are there drainage issues or poor soil conditions that he will need to correct to help ensure that you get the most extended life possible from your pavement?
5. Are there overhead obstructions or other obstacles that will require special attention or additional work? Are there underground utilities that he will need to relocate? Extra steps mean higher labor costs and the extra work may also require additional equipment or supplies.
6. What types of vehicles will use the pavement? Will delivery, trash or other heavy trucks ever drive or park on the pavement? If only passenger vehicles will have access to the pavement, how many will use the pavement on an average day? The volume and weight of the vehicles determine the appropriate depth of the asphalt.
7. Will the contractor need to remove the existing pavement and reconstruct the foundation, or is asphalt resurfacing a viable option? If the foundation is in relatively good condition, it may be possible to resurface the pavement by installing an asphalt overlay.

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