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There are more Dairy Queens in Texas than in any other state, which means that it is highly likely that a longtime resident of the state has made at least one visit to pick up a BeltBuster, steak finger basket, Blizzard, Dilly Bar or other treat. Our 15-person crews were certainly delighted to have lunch at the DQ locations in Lampasas, Copperas Cove and Waco when we performed work at each of these restaurants.

Asphalt Paving | Dairy Queen – How Alpha Paving Became Involved

As our reputation has grown, it has become increasingly common for other contractors to contact us to perform work that is beyond their scope or area of expertise. We were contacted by a striping company in Dallas; the asphalt repairs needed simply represented a job that was too large for them to accommodate. We agreed to submit a bid for the asphalt work and leave the striping work for them. Our estimator for the work was Dirk Van Landuyt, CAPS, CPM. A quote and color-coded maps of the repairs were presented and quickly approved.

The Work We Performed

We began with the smallest of the three jobs, which involved 14,300 square feet of 2-inch Texas Department of Transportation Type D hot mix asphalt repairs or removal of the entire parking lot. We arrived in Lampasas around sunrise so that we could begin work well before the Dairy Queen opened. The owner had expressed the need to keep the store functioning during its normal hours, so we began by removing and replacing the asphalt near the front to minimize the impact on normal operations. Before the lunch rush started, we were able to complete an area in the front that was large enough to accommodate pedestrian traffic as well as some parking spaces. We were able to complete all of the work at this site prior to the dinner rush.

The same plan was repeated when we moved to the DQ in Copperas Cove the following week. The scope of this work was 22,950 square feet or 248 tons, which represented a combination of 2-inch replacement and an overlay of 1.5 inches. The next week, we completed the work in Waco. This job was again a combination of 2-inch replacement and a 1.5-inch overlay. The scope was 19,980 square feet or 238 tons.

At each site, operations were able to continue throughout the repairs, pleasing the staff — and probably more than one hungry customer. The customer’s staff expressed surprise that we were able to complete all of the work at each site in just a single day.

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