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Asphalt Paving Dilemmas | Austin, TX, asphalt contractorAsphalt pavement is resilient, durable and attractive as well as economical. However, over the course of your pavement’s life, you are bound to have questions regarding the best actions to take to make sure that you get the returns you expect from your investment. Here are 10 common dilemmas and the solutions for them.

Asphalt Paving Dilemmas | Austin, TX – How Long to Keep Pavement Closed to Traffic

The length of time you will need to keep vehicles from driving on your asphalt pavement depends on the procedure you are having performed, the temperature, the type of traffic and other factors. However, if you are having an overlay applied or new pavement installed, plan on having the area closed to vehicles for about 24 hours unless your contractor advises that additional time is needed. For sealcoating, you can normally reopen the area the following morning; depending on the specifics involved with your job, you might be able to open it sooner.

Advisability of Having Work Done During Winter

Most asphalt contractors prefer to pave and sealcoat when the temperature of the ground and air are both at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit and rising. Temperatures should not drop below that point throughout the curing process, so the contractor must make sure that the overnight low is not going to drop substantially. However, in Central Texas, there are often periods in which the weather allows work to be performed even in winter. You will need to discuss your specific job with a reputable asphalt contractor and trust his recommendation.

Life Expectancy for Asphalt Pavement

A number of factors determine the useful life of asphalt pavement, including the weight and volume of traffic, the maintenance the pavement receives and the quality of the initial installation. With professional maintenance, asphalt pavement can last as long as 25 or 30 years. Abused or neglected pavement averages between 10 and 15 years.

Maintenance Needed

Having your asphalt pavement professionally maintained is essential if you want to obtain the longest life possible. There are many maintenance procedures available, but three are critical.

• Sealcoating in Austin Tx: Sealants should be applied within the pavement’s first year of life. Fresh sealcoating should be applied as recommended by your contractor. Use, overall condition and other factors determine the best schedule for reapplications, but plan on having sealcoating applied every two years or so.
• Repairs: All asphalt pavement will develop cracks eventually. Crack repairs are fast and economical, but if they are neglected, water can penetrate to the foundation and erode it, leading to costly repairs. Have cracks professionally repaired as soon as they appear to avoid extensive repairs in the future.
• Cleaning: Automotive fluids are corrosive and can penetrate sealcoating. If these fluids reach the asphalt, they will destroy the binding agents holding the pavement together, so you want to remove leaked oil, brake fluid and similar liquids before they eat through the sealcoating. You should also have your catch basins and storm drains cleaned and inspected at least once a year to prevent back-ups that can damage your pavement. Furthermore, debris such as cardboard boxes and leaves should be removed promptly as they can stain your pavement as well as trap moisture.

Overlays for Cracked Pavement

An overlay is an additional layer of asphalt that is applied over the top of existing pavement. It is an economical method of restoring asphalt pavement to like-new condition. Depending on the foundation’s stability and the severity of the cracking, an overlay may be possible. Cracks will need to be repaired first, and it may be necessary to install paving fabric before applying the overlay.

Knowing When to Replace Your Pavement

There comes a time in the life of every pavement when it will be cheaper to replace it or when additional repairs are simply impossible. Replacing your pavement will require the removal of existing pavement, rebuilding the foundation and applying new asphalt, so you naturally want to postpone a complete replacement if possible. The condition of your pavement and its foundation determine whether repairs, an overlay or total replacement is necessary. If you have alligator cracking over more than 35 percent of your pavement, you have numerous areas where the pavement has subsided or large sections that have heaved noticeably, it may be time to have your pavement rebuilt.

Best Ways to Protect Asphalt Pavement

Sealcoating is critical for protecting your asphalt pavement from damage and keeping it looking its best. However, you should also make sure that the traffic you allow on your pavement is not more than the pavement was engineered to bear. For example, if you asked a contractor to build a parking lot for passenger vehicles, do not allow fully loaded trucks on the pavement. In addition, never allow heavy loads to remain stationary on your pavement. Even if the pavement was designed for truck traffic, for example, do not allow trucks to remain parked on the pavement for extended periods. If you store pallets of goods on your pavement, move them around periodically.

When to Have Repairs Done

Repairs should always be performed as soon as possible, but in Central Texas, most contractors find that conditions are most suitable from the middle of spring through the middle of autumn. Depending on the scope of the repairs needed, it is often possible to have repairs made at other times as well.

Multiple Estimates, Multiple Prices

It is common for customers to receive a range of estimates when they ask for multiple quotes. Typically, this is because the contractors are not bidding on the same work. When soliciting bids, make sure that your specifications are clear regarding the size of the work, the procedures that are to be done and the quality of the materials to be used. You can then compare estimates to ensure that all contractors are quoting the same scope and material quality. Remember that the lowest bid can sometimes prove to be the most costly over time.

What It Will Cost

There is no way to provide an accurate estimate without evaluating the specific property first, but experienced asphalt contractors may be able to offer a range of costs if you provide sufficient information. It depends on what you need done and the size of the pavement as well as accessibility, overall condition, distance from the contractor’s office and many other factors. Contact a reputable asphalt contractor and ask him to inspect your property and provide you with a written estimate.

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Asphalt Paving Dilemmas | Austin, TX

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