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Asphalt & Dog's, asphalt paving company austin texasAs the days grow longer and the temperatures grow warmer, opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities increase. During the spring and summer months, the Austin and Central Texas area is home to numerous outdoor events, including festivals, concerts, art shows, flea markets and walking tours. Many pet owners consider such events as a great way to give their dogs companionship, exercise, and attention. However, some people are unaware that Asphalt & Dogs can pose a danger if not carefully watched.

Asphalt & Dogs – A Dogs Paws Are Sensitive

Your dog’s paw pads contain bundles of nerves that help it acquire information about the terrain. The middle pads are especially sensitive, containing nerve tips that are extremely delicate. If you take your dog for a walk on hot asphalt, the best you can hope for is that your canine buddy will be uncomfortable. Your dog may sit down and refuse to move, pull you toward the grass or become slow to respond to your commands.

Hot Asphalt Can Injure Your Dog

Your dog could injure its feet if forced to walk on hot pavement. The dog could suffer burns that may never heal properly. Keep in mind that your dog’s paws are not protected by fur and have roughly the same thickness of skin as the typical human’s foot. Signs of injuries include limping, red or dark pads, licking the paws, ragged skin on the paw pads or chewing the affected paws.

Judging Whether the Pavement Is Acceptable

One general rule is that if the pavement is too hot for you to walk on barefoot without experiencing discomfort, the pavement is too hot for your dog. If you prefer to test the temperature without removing your shoes, place the back of your hand on the pavement for 10 seconds. If you cannot keep your hand in place for that length of time or experience discomfort, do not subject your dog to the pavement.

You cannot rely on the air temperature to determine whether the pavement is too hot. Asphalt pavement absorbs heat from the sun and tends to retain it very well. Therefore, the temperature of the pavement can be much greater than the temperature of the air. For example, asphalt pavement in direct sunlight can reach 135 degrees Fahrenheit when the air temperature is only 86 degrees. An egg placed on pavement with a temperature of 131 degrees will fry in just five minutes.

Protecting Your Dog

The best way to protect your dog is to avoid hot pavement and choose grassy areas for a walk. If you must walk your dog on asphalt pavement, do so during the early morning hours; the pavement will have had a night to cool and will not have absorbed a great deal of heat yet. However, you should still test the pavement’s temperature before embarking on your walk. You might want to consider boots or socks to protect your dog’s paws. Many pet suppliers, dog groomers and veterinarians carry these types of products and can help you ensure that you choose the correct size and style for your canine companion.

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