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Del Valle is an unincorporated community that lies approximately eight miles from downtown Austin. Although the population had grown to 150 in 1927, the Great Depression was responsible for reducing it to just 25 residents during the 1930s. Over the next few decades, the population grew slowly but steadily, and from the 1970s through the early 1990s, Del Valle had a fairly consistent population of about 300 residents. The community’s proximity to Austin-Bergstrom International Airport and the downtown area helped spur growth, and in 2010, the population exceeded 17,000. Del Valle is also the site of the Circuit of the Americas, a venue opened in 2012 that includes a motor racing track and an amphitheater. The races, concerts and other activities contribute millions of dollars to the local economy. At Alpha Paving, we enjoy working in a dynamic community, and we recently had the opportunity to complete a project in Del Valle for Harvenshan, LLC.

Harvenshan, LLC | Asphalt Paving | Property Management

Who Is Harvenshan, LLC?

Harvenshan, LLC is a real estate investment company based in Austin, Texas. The company recently invested in a Del Valle RV park. This was Harvenshan’s first investment in this type of property.

What Was the Nature of the Project That Alpha Completed for Harvenshan?

The project was for new construction paving over the road base that the owner had recently installed. We recommended a Type D asphalt mix for its smooth ride and its durability. We installed approximately 70,000 square feet of pavement with a depth of two inches, which required 850 tons of asphalt.

Because this was Harvenshan’s first venture involving an RV park and our first job for the company, we worked closely with Syama Konduru, the company’s principal. We were able to complete the job in approximately eight hours. The customer was thrilled with everything from start to finish, and he is planning to contact us when he has finalized his plans for another project that will be coming up soon.

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Alpha Paving Industries is a full-service pavement company serving customers throughout Central Texas from our headquarters in Round Rock. Our vision has always been to provide exceptional work through a customer-centered philosophy that includes unwavering professionalism and careful project management.

We offer a complete range of asphalt services, including overlays and paving, road construction, street maintenance, milling, crack repairs, sealcoating, and pothole repairs. We also offer thermoplastic pavement markings, parking lot signs, concrete installation and repair, parking lot striping and pavement marking, speed bump installations and parking lot car stops. Our client base includes various municipalities and counties, subdivisions, grocery stores, shopping centers, hotels, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, educational institutions, restaurants, large retail stores, skilled nursing facilities, churches and religious institutions, homeowner associations, entertainment venues, warehouses, property management firms, apartment complexes, office parks, condominium boards and airports. If you need paving, repairs or maintenance performed by a dependable, honest, experienced contractor, request a free quote today. You can make your request by filling out our online form, or you can call our office at 512-677-9001 to speak with one of our highly trained representatives.

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