Asphalt Repair and Potholes: Why Sooner Is Better

Asphalt Repair and Potholes: Why Sooner Is Better, asphalt repair, austin tx

Asphalt pavement is remarkably durable, but all paving contractors know that it will require an occasional repair to achieve its full life expectancy. When budgets are tight, many businesses, municipalities and property managers choose to postpone pavement repairs. However, experienced asphalt contractors know that this is typically a costly mistake. In most cases, asphalt repairs are economical and fast if you address the issue promptly, but a minor problem can quickly turn into an expensive repair if you neglect it.

Asphalt Repair and Potholes: Why Sooner Is Better

Many paving companies install asphalt pavements that are of excellent quality. However, some asphalt contractors lack in experience, skills or equipment, so issues with your pavement may arise quickly. You will want to catch these problems before the contractor’s warranty expires. Assuming that there is no problem with the initial installation performed by the asphalt paving company, there are still issues that you should watch for throughout your pavement’s life.

When your asphalt paving company completes the installation, your pavement should be in excellent condition. Almost as soon as you allow traffic onto your pavement, deterioration will begin, and in many cases, the pavement will only be in good condition by the end of its first or second year. An effective asphalt maintenance plan can help you keep your pavement in good condition. However, without an effective asphalt repair and maintenance program, your pavement’s condition can quickly worsen to fair and then poor. The following list highlights the typical chain of events that can leave your pavement in poor condition.

• Small cracks develop, especially in traffic lanes and at the edges of the pavement.
• If you do not repair these small cracks, they will grow in depth, width, and length.
• Water enters through the open cracks and erodes the pavement’s base. The damaged base becomes unstable, allowing additional cracks and depressions to form in the pavement.
• The larger cracks and depressions enable potholes to develop and encourage alligator cracking.
• More water reaches the base, and extensive erosion occurs.
• Repairing the base will require the removal of the damaged pavement to provide access. The base will need to be corrected before new pavement can be installed.
• Instead of an economical asphalt repair, you will likely need to pay to have a large area of your pavement rebuilt.

A reputable paving contractor will recommend that you pay close attention to the condition of your pavement and call a contractor at the first sign of damage. Doing so can help you prolong your pavement’s life and avoid costly remediation efforts. In other words, you can pay a little to repair your pavement now or substantially more to improve it later.

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