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Reputable paving companies recommend sealcoating a new pavement within its first year of life and every two to four years after that. However, not all sealcoating contractors have the expertise to prepare a sealcoating mix that will provide durable, attractive results. Unfortunately, there are also some unscrupulous contractors who deliberately develop an inferior mix to increase their profits on their jobs. If you know what it takes to ensure an excellent sealcoating mixture, you will be in a better position to ensure that your pavement will receive the protection that it needs for long life.

The Difference | Asphalt Sealcoating | Alpha Paving Industries

What Do I Need to Know About Asphalt Sealcoating?

The product arrives as a concentrated state. After the contractor evaluates the customer’s pavement and special requirements, he will choose the correct quality of sealant and additional materials. The additional materials typically include silica sand that has grains of the proper size and certain chemicals or additives to enhance specific properties of the sealant. For example, some additives can expedite the drying time, help ensure that the sand particles remain evenly distributed throughout the mix, or make the cured sealant appear darker. The contractor will add water to the dry ingredients to prepare a liquid for application. Even the water must meet specific standards. If the contractor uses water with a pH that is too high or too low, hard water, or water that has a lot of iron, the sealcoating may cure unevenly, have a streaky appearance, be too thin to cover properly or be too thick to spread evenly.

The contractor must ensure that the mix contains every component in the proper percentage. For example, if the mix includes too much sand, it can become brittle and fail to bond to the pavement. Too little sand in the mix can shorten the sealant’s life, make the pavement slipperier, affect the sealant’s ability to conceal minor surface flaws or increase sun glare. If the contractor uses too little water in the mix, the surface may have a dimpled appearance, and tracking may occur during hot weather.

Your asphalt contractor must choose any additives carefully. Two common additives in Central Texas are those that help keep the sand suspended in the mix and those that expedite the curing process. Without the first additive, there could be patches containing too little sand and patches containing too much sand. Additives that accelerate curing can be necessary if temperatures are borderline, humidity levels are high, the pavement lies in heavy shade, or there is little or no wind. However, the contractor must match the additive to the sealcoating mix. Some mixes already contain specialty chemicals, so incorporating an additive could have an adverse effect. It is also crucial to select additives produced by the same manufacturer as the sealant mix to avoid potential reactions that could destabilize the mix.

Furthermore, your contractor must prepare your asphalt pavement to ensure quality results. The pavement needs to be extremely clean, and it may be necessary to apply a primer over oil stains. He will also need to complete any needed asphalt repairs before applying a sealant.

What Is the Alpha Difference in Sealcoating?

You might say that our experience makes us different; we apply more gallons of sealants every year than anyone else in Texas. You could say that it is our commitment to professional customer service that makes use different; your job is not complete until you are completely satisfied with our work. When you also consider our highly trained crew members, excellent references, competitive prices, and exceptional reputation, the reasons for choosing us to sealcoat and maintain your asphalt pavement become clearer.

Furthermore, Alpha Paving offers a complete range of paving services, including asphalt repairs, milling, asphalt resurfacing, parking lot striping, street maintenance, thermoplastic pavement markings, concrete work, asphalt paving, and traffic signs. We serve clients in virtually all industries, including those in the hospitality, health care, educational, manufacturing, housing, property management, and retail industries. Whether you need a road constructed in your city or an overlay for the parking lot at your church, call our office at 512-677-9001 or use the online form to request a free quote on your project.

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