Will asphalt sealing protect my Austin parking lot from the summer sun?

Will asphalt sealing protect my Austin parking lot from the summer sun?The harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun will damage any asphalt surface that is not protected with a high-quality asphalt sealant. Much how sunscreen shields a person or wood sealant protects a wooden deck, asphalt sealant blocks UV rays and keeps the pavement from drying out and cracking. Alpha Paving is an Austin asphalt sealing expert and can help protect and extend the life of your pavement investment.

Asphalt is a by-product of crude oil, and it is made up of chains of petroleum-based hydrocarbons in varying lengths. Despite improvement by the addition of life-extending materials such as tire rubber, latex or polymers to the mix, a petroleum by-product such as asphalt will eventually chemically degrade and oxidize with prolonged exposure to the harsh summer sun and heat.

It does not take long for an unprotected section of asphalt such as a parking lot or driveway to begin to ravel. Raveling is another name for what happens when pieces of the aggregate or stone part of the pavement dislodge and create pits or rough areas on the surface.

Don’t Delay. Asphalt Sealing is Critical to the Life of Your Pavement.

As the raveling process continues, deeper and deeper areas are created when vehicles, wind and rain sweep away dislodged pieces of the pavement. Small fissures and cracks are formed as water penetrates the surface of the sun-damaged asphalt. As more cracks develop, the raveled areas grow weaker, and large chunks of pavement become loose. This process is irreversible.

By the time summer and the warm weather are over, the weakened asphalt surface is vulnerable to further deterioration during the winter. Repeated cycles of freezing and thawing of any water trapped in the cracks and fissures thoroughly destroy what remains of the asphalt’s structural integrity.

A quality asphalt sealing job slows the oxidation process that occurs when UV light strikes asphalt. When sealcoated within a short time after they are installed, asphalt parking lots and driveways are spared the deteriorating effects of the summer sun for as long as 10 to 20 years. The protection continues as long as additional sealant is periodically applied as needed to maintain the surface.

With asphalt coating, instances of cracking and damage due to the UV rays and heat of the summer sun are greatly reduced, and the cost of maintenance, patching and repair is significantly lower.

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