Is Asphalt a Sustainable Material?

Is Asphalt a Sustainable Material? asphalt paving round rock txThe use of sustainable methods and materials has become increasingly important to many private individuals, businesses and public entities. Over the years, some people have formed the mistaken opinion that asphalt is not an environmentally friendly and sustainable material. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

Is Asphalt a Sustainable Material?

Asphalt paving is completely recyclable. Every year, between 75 and 100 million tons of asphalt pavement is recycled, with a minimum of 95 percent used in new pavement manufacturing. Asphalt has been described as “perpetual pavement,” because each generation can be recycled into the next. In terms of both weight and percentage, there is far more asphalt pavement recycled in the U.S. than any other material, including aluminum and paper. Furthermore, the plants producing asphalt have only a minor impact on air quality, according to the EPA, and asphalt pavement does not have any dangerous chemicals that can leak into soils or water supplies.

Asphalt plants are not major consumers of energy, and therefore, their energy usage does not have the same environmental impact that many other manufacturing facilities have. Statistically, it takes 20 percent less energy to manufacture and install asphalt pavement than it requires for other types of pavement.Asphalt pavement is environmentally friendly in other ways as well. The speed with which asphalt roadways can be repaired means less traffic congestion; free-flowing traffic means that fewer cars are idling in traffic jams. During summer months, asphalt pavements typically cool down faster at night than concrete, reducing the “heat island effect” that many metropolitan areas experience.

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