How Serious Are Asphalt Cracks?

How Serious Are Asphalt Cracks? asphalt crack sealing austin txAlthough asphalt pavement is remarkably durable, its longevity is highly dependent on the quality of the routine maintenance it receives after its installation. Expert paving companies expect the new pavements they install to last for decades, but they know that even the best examples of their work will need occasional repairs. However, since most people understand that all asphalt pavements will eventually develop some small cracks, customers may not realize that neglected cracks create serious problems. Unrepaired cracks are often the source of costly pavement and foundation problems that could have been easily and economically avoided.

How Serious Are Asphalt Cracks?

Why Should I Take Even Small Asphalt Cracks Seriously?

 Small cracks typically grow more prolonged and deeper if you ignore them. Every vehicle that drives across the crack, every movement of the ground, and every freeze/thaw cycle will expand the crack. Breaks in the surface of an asphalt pavement leave it vulnerable. Water enters through the breaks, erodes the foundation, and leads to additional damage to the pavement. Having your contractor perform an economical crackfilling procedure before the damage worsens can prevent costly, inconvenient repairs later.

Can Paving Companies Fill Every Type of Crack?

 There are several different types of cracks and more than one way to fix most of them. For example, cracks that form a pattern that resembles a reptile’s scales are a specific type of damage called alligator cracking. Alligator cracking is typically a sign of foundation erosion, so it will usually be necessary for your contractor to remove the damaged pavement to repair the foundation before installing new asphalt. Cracks that are crescent-shaped often indicate slippage between the pavement’s surface layer and the layer below it after the bond between the layers fails. Due to the cause of the damage, your contractor cannot fill or seal the cracks, but it may be possible for him to use a partial-depth patch. An asphalt paving Texas contractor will need to evaluate your pavement cracks to determine their cause and make the appropriate recommendations.

What Else Causes Cracks in Asphalt Pavements?

 Subjecting an asphalt pavement to vehicles weighing more than the engineer designed the pavement to bear can cause cracks to develop. Cracks along the pavement’s edge are usually the result of insufficient support in the area. Cracks that parallel the pavement’s centerline can have several potential causes, including shrinkage, incorrect paver operation, improper joint construction, and cracks in the underlying layer. Reflection cracks usually develop over cracks or joints in concrete pavement underneath an asphalt overlay. Fatigue cracking can occur when the depth of the pavement is too thin to support the volume or weight of traffic it receives. The foundation is insufficient or damaged, or the pavement has gone without maintenance for many years. 

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