Road Construction

Whether you are replacing a major highway, constructing the streets in a new subdivision or building a racetrack, the quality of the initial installation can determine the rate of return you receive on your investment. Road construction requires specialized skills and equipment that not every pavement company possesses.

How Are Roads Constructed?

Road construction requires great attention to all of the details. Specifics vary by project, but the process typically involves the following steps.

• If the project is replacing existing pavement, the old pavement must be removed.
• New pavements may require a survey to verify that the location and/or route is correct.
• The contractor will conduct a visual inspection of the property to determine drainage capabilities and the type of terrain involved. Soil tests may be required for new pavements.
• The contractor will compile all pertinent data, including the volume of traffic expected and the weight of the vehicles that will be using the pavement.
• If the client supplies specifications, the contractor will ensure that his design meets or exceeds all requirements contained in the specifications.
• The contractor will prepare a stable foundation for the pavement. After existing pavement is removed or before new pavement is installed, the ground will be prepared by grading the area to eliminate dips and uneven areas. The base materials will be installed and compacted until the desired depth is achieved.
• Storm drains or sewers may need to be installed to ensure proper drainage.
• Once the roadbed has been prepared, paving can begin. If the new road is designed for asphalt pavement, hot-mix asphalt will be spread and compacted. For concrete roads, forms will be built and concrete poured into the forms. Joints will be cut between the slabs and expansion joints will be installed to allow the slabs to contract and expand with changing temperatures.
• After the pavement has cured sufficiently, center lines, parking lot striping and other pavement markings can be applied.

The Importance of Selecting the Right Contractor

The right contractor can make the difference between a long-lasting pavement and one that is fraught with problems. He will have the equipment needed to do the job, and he will ensure that it is properly maintained. His employees will be adequately trained to ensure quality workmanship. He will carry at least workers’ compensation and general liability insurance. Former customers will be happy to provide testimonials regarding the quality of his work, his professionalism and his reliability. He has experience in all phases of road construction as well as road maintenance. Furthermore, his company needs to be financially stable to avoid any potential issues that might arise with his suppliers or his equipment during the construction process.

Alpha Paving Can Help

Alpha Paving is a full-service, award-winning paving company providing services to municipalities, subdivisions, HOAs, apartment complexes, airports, retailers and many other industries throughout Austin and Central Texas. Whether you need a road constructed, a highway widened or streets built for a new subdivision, we have the equipment and experience to deliver superior workmanship at competitive rates. In addition to road construction, we also offer asphalt and concrete repairs, sealcoating, asphalt overlays, pavement markings, parking lot signs, speed bumps and parking lot striping. You can request a free quote by submitting the online form or calling (512) 677-9001.

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