The Benefit of Additives In Sealer

The Benefit of Additives In Sealer, sealing austinTo understand the benefits of using additives in sealcoating, it is perhaps helpful to understand more about sealants. Manufacturers use proprietary formulas to produce asphalt sealer and contractors must add sand, water and (usually) other aggregates. However, it is sometimes necessary to mix in other additives to ensure a top-quality job.

The Benefit of Additives In Sealer

The specific additives used vary by job and are based on factors such as:

• Ambient temperature.
• Amount of sand in the mix.
• Humidity levels.
• Pavement porosity.
• Traffic load and stress.
• Pavement or ground temperature.
• Sealer type.

Asphalt contractors adjust the “recipe” for mixing sealcoating after evaluating these and other factors that are specific to the site. They choose the additives that will offer the greatest benefit for each job.

• Certain additives can accelerate the drying time of the sealcoating. If a customer needs to reopen the area to traffic within four to eight hours, it might be necessary to include an additive in the mix. Similarly, if the customer needs a parking lot sealcoated and striped quickly, an additive can reduce the time that the contractor must wait between applying the sealant and marking the pavement.
• Additives can help disperse the sand in the sealant more evenly throughout. They can also help keep the sand from being forced out of the mix by traffic. Sand improves traction, so it is important to keep as much of it in place as possible (some sand loss is inevitable).
• Extreme temperatures can affect the curing time of sealcoating. Specific additives allow areas to be sealcoated during a greater range of temperatures.
• Certain additives can make the finished pavement more attractive. For example, there are additives that enhance the color, reduce scuff marks caused by traffic or provide better coverage of minor pavement flaws.

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