Black Diamond Grounds | Asphalt Paving | Killeen, TX

Black Diamond Grounds | Asphalt Paving | Killeen, TX, asphalt paving, killeen, txResidents of Lakeview Apartments enjoy a community that is conveniently located in the northeastern part of Killeen, TX. The community lies within walking distance of city parks, public transportation stops and an acclaimed high school. Fort Hood, the Killeen Mall, two movie theaters and numerous restaurants are within five miles of the community. Lakeview’s residents value the quality of life they enjoy at the complex, so when management noticed that the parking lot and landscaping were in need of attention, the company contacted Black Diamond Grounds. In turn, Steve Mitton, the general manager of Black Diamond Grounds, asked Alpha Paving to handle some of the asphalt paving tasks involved.

Black Diamond Grounds | Asphalt Paving | Killeen, TX

The project was divided into two phases and completed over four days in April 2018. Approximately 2,996 square feet of asphalt had to be removed and replaced to a depth of three inches. Once the necessary repairs were made, an asphalt overlay was installed. The overlay covered 48,700 square feet and was 1.5 inches in depth. Eight speed bumps were then installed.

We removed all existing car stops and reinstalled those that were not damaged. More than three dozen of the existing car stops were irreparably damaged, so they were removed and replaced with new car stops. We completed our work by applying new pavement markings and parking stall stripes.

The pictures tell the story far better than words. Unfortunately, we were unable to deploy our drone to obtain overhead shots due to the airspace restrictions in place for Fort Hood.

Alpha’s crew members performed admirably, delivering exceptional work in a professional manner. Our portion of the project was completed on time and within budget.

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