Can It Be Too Hot For Sealcoating?

Can It Be Too Hot For Sealcoating?Sealant manufacturers state that 70 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature for sealcoating. They also state that humidity levels should be relatively low and that the fresh sealant should be exposed to several hours of sunshine. Furthermore, there should be no chance of rain for at least the first 24 hours following the application. If you have lived in Austin or Central Texas for more than a year, you know that all of these ideal conditions will be not be present on many days. Sealcoating companies are also aware of the scarcity of ideal days, so experienced asphalt contractors have learned how to deal with the heat and humidity without sacrificing the quality of the work.

Can It Be Too Hot For Sealcoating? Sealcoating in Central Texas

Sealcoating in Austin, Tx can be challenging. By the time that overnight lows regularly exceed the minimum acceptable standard for sealcoating, the daytime highs are usually well above the ideal temperature. Humidity levels are typically at least 65 percent, but sunshine is not normally in short supply. Therefore, the main issues that sealcoating contractors must address are the heat and the humidity.

Why Is Humidity a Problem?

The liquid sealant applied to your pavement includes a great deal of water. The water needs to evaporate for the sealcoating to cure and form a protective shell. If the air above the sealant is already saturated with moisture, the water molecules that are trying to escape from the solution have no place to go. The rate of evaporation will be slowed significantly, increasing the time that the pavement will need to remain closed. Sealcoating companies know that the delayed closure can affect your customers, tenants or guests, so they want to avoid delays without impacting quality.

Why Is Heat a Problem?

The hotter it is, the faster the water contained in the sealant will evaporate. Although this might sound like a good thing, it can actually be very bad. If sealcoating is applied to an extremely hot pavement, flash drying can occur. The sealant may dry before it has a chance to penetrate the pavement’s pores, resulting in an inferior bond. Alternatively, the top layer of sealant may dry almost instantly, leaving uncured, moist sealant trapped underneath. Believing the sealant to be cured, the area is allowed to receive traffic. However, the sealcoating is not strong enough to bear vehicles that are turning, accelerating or braking. Tire scuffing, tracking and power steering marks will likely occur, and it is also possible that tires can peel the sealant away, leaving the pavement exposed and unprotected. A reputable sealcoating contractor knows that he will need to make certain adjustments to ensure a high-quality job.

Coping With Sealcoating In The Summer Weather

An experienced sealcoating contractor knows how to cope with the heat and humidity when applying sealants. They know that sealant should always be applied in two or more thin coats rather than one thick coat, but it is especially important to keep the coats thin during hot weather. They know ways to cool down a particularly hot pavement before applying the sealcoating. They know that the right aggregate can help control the rate of evaporation. In short, they have learned how to achieve successful results even during a hot, humid summer.

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