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Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages operates seven bottling plants and 37 distribution facilities that serve consumers in Texas and parts of Oklahoma, Arkansas, and New Mexico. When the facility on Burnet Road in Austin needed work, City Park Construction, the general contractor on the project, asked Alpha Paving to take care of the employee parking lot.

What Was the Problem With the Employee Parking Lot?

The existing pavement showed its age, and it was nearing the end of its useful life. There were numerous potholes and extensive cracks, the pavement markings were barely visible, and many of the wheel stops were damaged, displaced, or crumbling. There were also some pavement depressions in which water was collected after rain fell.

What Work Did Alpha Paving Perform at Coca-Cola?

Our first step was to remove all of the wheel stops in the parking lot. We then milled the parking lot to remove the asphalt to a depth of 2 inches; in the process, we discovered the existence of a previous overlay. Our next step was to install new asphalt. Most of the parking lot only required 2 inches of asphalt to replace the pavement we removed during the milling process, but some areas with base failure required additional asphalt depth. In total, we used 750 tons of asphalt to cover 52,750 square feet of pavement. We completed the milling and paving in a 16-hour day that started at 5 a.m. and ended at 9 p.m. We then returned to apply the pavement markings, stripe the parking lot, and install new wheel stops.

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