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Most Texans love having enough land to enjoy outdoor activities, but many of them are less enthusiastic about the work required to maintain acreage or even a large backyard. However, they still want a living space that provides the upscale design and décor found in luxury homes. Luxury townhome condominiums can deliver the best of all worlds, offering beautifully appointed interiors, spacious common areas that can be enjoyed without spending all weekend performing chores and abundant community amenities. The Greens of Avery Ranch is one such development in Austin, TX. However, even in such an idyllic setting, problems can arise, requiring fast, professional remediation. One property owner recently experienced a car fire that damaged the unit’s driveway as well as a section of the curb and an expanse of asphalt pavement on the adjoining street. To restore things to normal as quickly and completely as possible, Pioneer Real Estate Services, which assists the property’s association of condo owners, contracted Alpha Paving to perform the necessary work.

The Job Scope

We removed and replaced the concrete driveway, which contained approximately 378 square feet of pavement. After removing the existing concrete, we prepared the subgrade to ensure that it was properly graded and compacted. We used redwood expansion joints; redwood resists insects and rot and is a superior choice for the expansion joints in driveways. We installed concrete pavement with a thickness of 5 inches. We also removed and replaced approximately 10 linear feet of curbing. To match and blend in with the nearby pavement, we broom-finished the concrete. Alpha’s extensive experience in the installation and repair of concrete driveways, concrete curbs and concrete ramps as well as concrete parking lots and sidewalks helped ensure the quality of the work performed.

Approximately 320 square feet of asphalt pavement had been damaged beyond repair. We sawcut, demolished and hauled off the damaged asphalt. We applied a tack coat and repaved with 2 inches of Type D asphalt. Tack coats are adhesives that strengthen the pavement bond and help spread the weight throughout the pavement’s full depth. It is advisable in areas where vehicles will be turning, braking or accelerating, including locations where driveways and streets intersect. Tack coat can help prevent sliding or slipping of the asphalt layers. Type D asphalt was chosen as it offered the best combination of durability, safety, installation costs, ability to support expected traffic and economical maintenance costs. Our years of experience allowed us to select the appropriate type of asphalt and deliver the quality of work needed in a community containing luxury townhomes.

All work was completed on June 28, 2017. As usual, Alpha Paving delivered quality results and expert customer service in a truly professional manner.

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Alpha Paving is an award-winning paving company based in Round Rock ,TX and serving customers in most of Central Texas. Our concrete services include the installation and repair of concrete parking lots, sidewalks, curbs and concrete ramps. Our asphalt services include street maintenance, road construction, asphalt paving and overlays, crack repairs, sealcoating, milling and speed bump installation. We also offer parking lot striping and pavement markings. Our customer base includes many HOAs, apartment complexes, subdivisions, municipalities, retailers, hotels, churches, schools, shopping centers, airports, restaurants and hospitals. We are committed to delivering exceptional, on-time work at competitive rates. For a free estimate, submit our online quote request form or call (512) 677-9001.

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