Cracks, Potholes, & Asphalt Repair In Austin, Tx

If there is one thing you can count on in Austin, it is that the weather can change rapidly. It often seems that summer heat can transition to the crisp coolness of autumn in as little as one day. Winter can arrive just as quickly, and although the area does not routinely experience sub-zero temperatures and paralyzing blizzards like some parts of the country, winter weather is still severe enough to take a toll on your asphalt. This means that if you want to avoid additional damage and higher repair costs, you should make sure that asphalt cracks and potholes are repaired before colder temperatures arrive.

Cracks, Potholes, & Asphalt Repair In Austin, Tx – What You Can Expect

• Start by inspecting your asphalt pavement. Whether you are responsible for an asphalt driveway, street or parking lot, a visual inspection can reveal damaged areas that are in need of  asphalt repair. Make careful note of the location and approximate size of cracks and potholes.
• Have potholes and cracks professionally repaired. Over the winter, they will only expand in size, making repairs more costly next spring. Water will collect in the cracks and potholes, and if it freezes, it can pose a safety hazard as well as worsen existing damages. Although cold-mix asphalt can sometimes be used for emergency repairs, it is not a long-term repair as it does not hold up well during cold weather. You will have better results if you ask your contractor to make the repairs with hot-mix asphalt.
• Remember to keep your pavement clean. Allowing leaves and debris to remain on your asphalt over the winter is inviting trouble. Having a professional sweeping service clean your pavement thoroughly is a good way to help protect your investment. Sweeping services use equipment with specially designed brushes and powerful water jets to give your pavement a “deep cleaning” that can prolong the life of your pavement while simultaneously making it more attractive.

Alpha Paving Industries in an asphalt contractor and we have been helping customers throughout Austin and Central Texas prepare their asphalt pavements for winter weather for more than three decades. In addition to cracks, potholes, & asphalt repair in Austin, Tx, we also provide sealcoating, paving, power washing, pavement marking and a variety of other asphalt-related services. We are committed to providing excellent results at competitive rates. You can request a free quote by submitting our online form, or you can call us at (512) 677-9001.

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