Do Paving Contractors Require a Permit in Austin?

Do Paving Contractors Require a Permit in Austin?

Do Paving Contractors Require a Permit in Austin? You may be aware that building permits are required for constructing or remodeling a home in Austin, but you might not know that the city requires permits for many other types of construction projects. Permits are even necessary in some unincorporated areas of Williamson and Travis counties. In many instances, a permit will be required to install a fence, a septic system, or even landscaping. Your contractor will almost always need a permit when it comes to paving Austin streets, parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, and other pavements.

Do Paving Contractors Require a Permit in Austin?

Why Do Contractors Need Permits When Paving Austin Properties?

Throughout the nation, permits have been mandatory for decades for many construction projects. Typically, the purpose of the permitting process is to help ensure the safety of those living or working at or near a site, the health of the environment, and the overall public good. When projects extend below the top layer of soil, permits can help make sure that the contractor complies with restrictions regarding runoff and water table integrity. Permits also serve to identify the responsible party if a problem with easements, setbacks, drainage, or boundaries should arise.

Does the Contractor Obtain the Necessary Permits for Paving Austin Properties?

As a rule, reputable paving companies prefer to obtain their own permits. To legally work on paving Austin projects, contractors must obtain a license, renew it annually, and ensure that it remains in good standing. No legitimate Austin paving company would risk its license or reputation by allowing someone else to pull the permits. The only possible exception would be when the paving company is working for a general contractor as a subcontractor, but even then, the paving contractor would verify the permits.

What Types of Asphalt Paving Projects Require Permits in Austin?

Other than a strictly aboveground construction project, virtually all asphalt paving projects will require a permit. Contractors constructing, repairing, or modifying sidewalks, streets, driveways, curbs, parking lots, gutters, and similar pavements will need to pull the appropriate permits. This involves submitting an application, including a traffic control plan if the project will impact pedestrian or vehicle traffic, paying the appropriate fees, and, in some cases, posting a surety bond. Permitted projects are subject to inspections, which carry separate fees.

Let Alpha Worry About the Permits for Paving Austin TX Properties

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