When Is It Time to Overlay Your Asphalt Parking Lot? 

When Is It Time to Overlay Your Asphalt Parking Lot?, pavement overlay

When Is It Time to Overlay Your Asphalt Parking Lot?, pavement overlayWith proactive maintenance, an asphalt parking lot can provide several decades of service. If maintenance is neglected, the pavement’s useful life can be measured in years instead of decades. There comes a point in every pavement’s life when the only solution is to tear it out and reconstruct it. However, asphalt paving companies in Texas frequently encounter clients who mistakenly believe that a complete reconstruction is the only solution for an old, unsightly pavement. An asphalt overlay is often a more economical solution that will deliver a similar life and appearance to what you could obtain from a reconstruction. 

When Is It Time to Overlay Your Asphalt Parking Lot?

How Do Paving Companies Install Asphalt Overlays?

 When you call an Austin paving contractor to provide a quote for a blacktop overlay, the first thing he will do is evaluate your parking lot’s condition. If there is significant damage, including deep ruts, foundation erosion, or wide cracks that go through all layers of the existing asphalt, it may be necessary to repair the damage before installing a pavement overlay. Otherwise, there is a chance that the underlying damage pattern will eventually transfer to the overlay. After repairing damaged areas, the contractor will mill the pavement to remove a predetermined depth of asphalt and thoroughly clean the pavement. It may be necessary to install a tack coat to help the overlay bond to the existing pavement in some cases. The next step is to install the proper number of asphalt layers, compacting each before installing the next course.

What Type of Damage Might Indicate the Suitability of a Pavement Overlay?

 Time, sunlight, traffic, chemicals, and repeated freeze/thaw cycles will eventually inflict damage on asphalt pavement. It will be necessary for an experienced asphalt professional to evaluate your specific pavement. Still, asphalt paving companies in Texas typically find that an overlay and any associated repairs can correct the following issues.

 • Soft spots in the pavement are usually the result of leaked automotive fluids, including gas, oil, brake fluid, diesel, and transmission fluid. As the tires on vehicles pass over these soft spots, they can pluck out pieces of the asphalt, leading to the formation of potholes. 

 • Depressions in the pavement allow water to pool, increasing the risk of water penetrating beneath the surface. In the winter, these puddles can freeze, and the expanding ice can cause the surrounding pavement to crack.

 • An improper slope can create drainage issues. Contractors can often correct a pavement’s slope or grade by milling and overlaying the existing pavement.

 • Numerous repairs over the years can result in an unsightly parking lot. An overlay can conceal the previous repairs, giving the pavement a new lease on life.

 • Faded asphalt often results from a lack of sealcoating. In addition to affecting the pavement’s color, inadequate sealcoating makes the pavement more prone to damage.

 • Existing potholes, cracks, tire ruts, polished aggregates, raveling, and other damage may make your pavement unattractive, less safe, and more likely to fail prematurely. Depending on the extent and cause of the damage, your contractor may be able to resolve the issue with an overlay.

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