Do You Trust Your Asphalt Contractor?

Do You Trust Your Asphalt Contractor?, paving austin tx

Whether you need an asphalt pavement constructed, resurfaced, rebuilt or repaired, your long-term satisfaction with the work will depend on the contractor you choose. It is important that you select a reputable contractor with a proven record. If you choose an untrustworthy contractor who tenders an unreasonably low quote, you could find that his work deteriorates within two or three years instead of the 15 to 20 years you were expecting. Here are some tips on how to select trustworthy asphalt contractors.

Do You Trust Your Asphalt Contractor? What Is the Contractor’s Reputation?

To determine the asphalt paving contractor’s reputation may take a few minutes of your time, but it can be extremely helpful. You can ask business associates or friends for referrals if they have dealt with a particularly trustworthy contractor. You can also go online and search the contractor’s name to find forums and reviews concerning the asphalt contractor. Check with the Better Business Bureau to see if the company is listed and how complaints were addressed.

Does Your Asphalt Contractor Supply You With References?

Visit the contractor’s website and look for testimonials or examples of his previous work. Ask the contractor for additional references that are pertinent to the type of work that you need. For example, if you need a new parking lot constructed, you need references related to his paving expertise rather than his ability to sealcoat or stripe a parking lot. The references supplied by the contractor should include the contact name and phone number as well as the address of the site where he performed the work. If possible, drive by some of his projects to see his work for yourself.

Does Your Asphalt Contractor Evade Your Questions?

You should be able to ask relevant questions and obtain a satisfactory answer from the contractor or his estimator. If you receive an evasive or hostile response, you should consider it a red flag. Some of the questions that you might want to have answered to your satisfaction are shown below.

• How long has the company been in business?
• How many years of experience does the contractor have in the type of work that you need?
• How experienced is the contractor’s crew?
• How well-maintained is the contractor’s equipment?
• Which asphalt mix will the contractor use?
• How will traffic control be handled?
• What will the compacted thickness of the pavement be?
• Will the contractor obtain any permits required?
• Can the contractor provide you with proof of workers compensation and general liability insurance?
• Does the contractor offer a warranty on his work?
• What are the expected start and end dates for the project?
• Will the contractor provide you with a written, detailed contract before you commit or remit a down payment?
• Does his quote include correcting existing issues, including drainage problems or foundation repair?
• Does his crew consist of employees, or does he hire inexperienced day laborers?
• Can the estimator or the contractor explain the entire process to you without resorting to confusing jargon?

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