What Are the Elements of Quality Asphalt Paving Construction?

For more than a century, many state, local and federal agencies, as well as owners of commercial and residential properties, have chosen asphalt for their paving needs. Nationwide, asphalt surfaces account for approximately 94% of all paved roads, and in some states, you will find asphalt on 100% of the paved public roads. Furthermore, an estimated 90% of the nation’s parking lots and about 85% of the country’s airport runways have asphalt surfaces. These statistics may lead you to wonder why asphalt is such a popular choice for commercial paving and municipal paving.

Why Is Asphalt the Leading Choice for Municipal and Commercial Paving?

Whether you are responsible for the construction of a major highway, a parking lot, an airport runway or a suburban cul-de-sac, there are undoubtedly certain qualities that you would want the pavement to possess.

• It needs to be durable. You probably have a finite budget that makes it necessary to get the best value for every dollar you spend. Replacing a pavement prematurely or overspending on repairs is not likely to appear on a list of your favorite things to do. If you ensure that your asphalt pavement receives the proper routine maintenance, your pavement could last several decades with only minor repairs.
• It needs to be safe. Asphalt pavements offer excellent traction for vehicles and pedestrians. Furthermore, the dark color helps make pavement markings more visible and virtually eliminates pavement glare.
• It needs to be smooth. Drivers and their passengers prefer a quiet ride and a surface without jarring bumps or rough spots. A rough pavement can present safety issues, especially for pedestrians, motorcyclists, and bike riders. Asphalt pavements are smooth and quiet.
• It needs to be economical. Asphalt pavement is not as expensive to install as concrete pavement, and asphalt is also cheaper to repair.
• It needs to be fast to install and maintain. The initial asphalt construction, as well as any maintenance or repairs, will be fast, allowing you to permit traffic on the pavement quickly. This can be especially important for asphalt road construction in areas in which traffic congestion is a severe problem.
• It needs to be environmentally friendly. More tons of asphalt pavement is recycled in the United States every year than aluminum, paper, glass, and paper combined. In fact, more than 99% of the asphalt pavement removed every year is reclaimed for use in future asphalt paving projects.

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