Fall Sealcoating In Austin

Fall Sealcoating In Austin, alpha paving

If you want to make an asphalt contractor cringe, demand a yes-or-no answer to the question of whether sealcoating can be applied in the fall. It simply is not possible to speak in absolutes when it comes to end-of-season sealcoating, especially in an area like Austin and Central Texas where the weather can vary a great deal between years. In some years, it may be possible to sealcoat during early November, but in other years, it may be impossible to sealcoat much later than October 1.

Fall Sealcoating In Austin – The Basics of Sealcoating

Sealcoating is shipped by the manufacturer. When it is time to perform a sealcoating job, the contractor adds water to turn it into a liquid. After the sealant is applied, the water must evaporate so that the sealcoating can form a hard, protective shell. If the water cannot evaporate, you will be left with a gooey mess that can easily be tracked or washed away by a good rain.

Fall Sealcoating In Austin – Factors Affecting Evaporation

The molecules in a liquid bounce around, collide with each other and escape as a vapor. The hotter it is, the more excited the molecules will be and the faster evaporation will occur. Conversely, the cooler it is, the less the molecules move and the slower the liquid will evaporate. This is why water evaporates faster when it is boiled than when it is left in a container on the counter.

If the water vapor is to escape from the sealcoating, the molecules must have somewhere to go. If the air above the sealant is already saturated with moisture, the molecules will have difficulty breaking free from the liquid sealant, slowing the rate of evaporation. Therefore, the humidity level plays a critical part in evaporation, which is why evaporative coolers work much better in the Arizona desert than they do in Houston.

Air flow also affects the rate of evaporation. If there is no wind, the molecules that have escaped will linger over the sealcoating, saturating the air and slowing evaporation. However, if the wind is too strong, too much water may evaporate from the surface of the sealcoating, allowing it to dry prematurely and slowing the evaporation of water contained in the sealant beneath.

Fall Sealcoating In Austin – Putting the Pieces Together

For a successful sealcoating job, all factors affecting the rate of evaporation must be within acceptable levels.

• Temperature: Since evaporation occurs faster at higher temperatures, the minimum acceptable temperature for sealcoating is 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This applies to the temperature of the air as well as the temperature of the pavement. Furthermore, both temperatures should remain at or above 50 degrees for at least the first 24 hours.
• Humidity: Although manufacturers state that the ideal humidity level is below 50 percent, sealcoating contractors in Central Texas routinely apply sealant at higher humidity levels. The temperature and wind velocity can compensate somewhat for excessive humidity, but few contractors are willing to apply sealcoating if the humidity is 90 percent or higher.
• Wind: Wind velocity needs to be at least 3 mph and steady. Finding a day with sufficient wind is seldom a problem in Central Texas. Contractors are more likely to encounter a day that is too windy to apply sealcoating. In addition to the problems caused by premature evaporation, a strong wind can make it difficult to ensure that the sealant is evenly applied and only applied to the pavement.

If you have questions about sealcoating, contact Alpha Paving Industries in Austin, Tx. We apply more gallons of sealcoating annually than any other asphalt paving contractors in Texas. We offer an extensive range of asphalt maintenance services, including asphalt paving, road construction, asphalt repairs, parking lot striping, street maintenance, asphalt overlays, speed bumps, parking lot signs and concrete work. Our clients include airports, municipalities and counties, subdivisions, HOAs, churches, educational facilities, retailers, shopping malls, health care facilities, hotels, restaurants and office parks. We deliver exceptional quality at competitive prices. If you have questions about Fall Sealcoating In Austin or would like to request a free quote, fill out the online form or call our office at (512) 677-9001.


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