Asphalt Repair Cures Potholes

Asphalt pavement offers remarkable durability, but over time, the best pavement can suffer a variety of damages. Sunlight, automotive fluids, heavy loads and even normal traffic can wear asphalt pavement. Asphalt repair cures potholes and without causes hazards to everyone who drives on or walks across your pavement. Pedestrians stumbling into potholes could suffer sprained ankles or take a bad fall. Drivers could damage their vehicles or have their direction of travel affected so dramatically that they collide with other cars. Furthermore, if potholes are ignored, the pavement will suffer additional damage that will necessitate complete replacement long before the end of the pavement’s normal life.

Asphalt Repair Cures Potholes -How to Prevent

Although not every pothole can be prevented, most of the time, your pavement will warn you of the possibility that a pothole is lurking just around the corner. Cracks in the pavement that are not repaired promptly allow water to become trapped between the pavement and its foundation. If the water freezes, it can push against the pavement. You might notice small bulges in the pavement, particularly if the underlying soil has a high percentage of clay. Whether it is in its liquid or solid form, however, water will also erode the foundation. An eroded foundation cannot support your pavement, so potholes and/or alligator cracking will develop in the areas of pavement having the least support.To help prevent potholes, conduct a periodic inspection of your asphalt pavement. Look for obvious signs of damage, such as cracks, missing chunks of pavement or areas in which the pavement has been softened by oil or other automotive fluids. Pay special attention to any patched areas to ensure that the patch is performing as it should, which means that the surrounding pavement is not crumbling away and the patch does not show signs of cracking.

What About Sealcoating?

Sealcoating is an excellent defensive measure for asphalt pavement. It can slow the penetration of automotive fluids, protect against water penetration and provide limited protection against tire damage. However, sealcoating cannot be applied until existing cracks or other problems are repaired. Sealcoating will also need to be applied at regular intervals to provide maximum protection.

Pothole Repair Methods

The repair method will depend on the size of the pothole, the condition of the surrounding pavement and the number of potholes involved. For a small, isolated pothole, it might be possible to fill and patch it. If the foundation has been damaged, a larger section of the pavement will need to be removed to access the foundation, and then new asphalt will need to be installed. If most of the pavement is riddled with potholes and alligatored asphalt, the entire surface might need to be replaced.

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