Getting Your Value Out Of Your Parking Lot

Getting Your Value Out Of Your Parking Lot, asphalt sealcoating, austin texasYour parking lot represents a significant capital investment, so naturally you want to obtain the best monetary return. However, potential customers, employees and vendors can also form opinions of the quality of your services or products from the condition of your parking lot. A neat, well-maintained lot implies that you take pride in your organization. To many, this perception generates a feeling of trust that you cannot buy. Thus, the value of your parking lot is not just financial rewards or cost savings. These tips can help you maximize the value you can receive from your parking lot.

Getting Your Value Out Of Your Parking Lot – What this Means

Conduct Regular Inspections of Your Parking Lot

The sooner you spot problems with your asphalt parking lot, the less the potential for more extensive damage. Remove trash or other debris that could cause staining as well as detract from the appearance of your property. Look for cracks and potholes; having them repaired promptly can save you thousands in repairs later. If the pavement seems faded or dry, have sealcoating reapplied to restore its appearance and protect it from further damage.

Remove Automotive Fluid Spills Quickly

Fuel, oil, brake fluid and other automotive products can cause asphalt pavement to break down prematurely. Schedule a thorough cleaning of these fluids on a regular basis. Do not assume that sealcoating alone can protect against these corrosive agents as they will eventually go through the sealant and begin to deteriorate your pavement.

Make Sure Your Lot has Proper Drainage

Water is not your pavement’s friend. Puddles of water on the surface of your pavement can filter through any cracks and destabilize the pavement’s foundation. The same damage can result if water backs up under the edge of the pavement. Make sure that storm drains are kept clear. If you are still having issues with drainage, consult a reputable contractor to see if gutters, additional drains or curbs could help.

Budget for Routine Maintenance and Repairs

When establishing your budget, include funds for preventive maintenance as well as emergency repairs. It is far better to have unspent funds at the end of the year than to have your parking lot destroyed due to lack of funds.

Choose a Reputable, Experienced Asphalt Contractor

Not all asphalt contractors have the expertise or desire to deliver quality work. Some disreputable contractors may cut corners or sell you services that you do not need. At Alpha Paving, we have been providing exceptional work at reasonable rates for more than 30 years. We have established an outstanding reputation among our customers throughout Central Texas. Whether you need preventive maintenance such as sealcoating, repairs such as crack filling or any other asphalt-related service, we can help. Give us a call at (512) 677-9001 or submit our online form to request your free quote.

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