What Happens with “old asphalt”?


What Happens with "old asphalt"? austin paving companyOld asphalt is usually sorted and processed, so it can be used for other paving jobs. Asphalt that has been reclaimed from an old project can be converted into an aggregate mixture that is used to create new asphalt. Thus, old asphalt is a valuable, eco-friendly material that has a multitude of uses.

Formerly, recycled asphalt was used to create temporary streets where landfills were located. Currently, reclaimed asphalt is used for many other purposes. Some of the uses for old asphalt include roadway aggregate, maintenance purposes, enlarging roadway shoulders, and constructing embankments. The composition of old asphalt varies and often dictates how it is used. The drainage capability, texture, and other features of reclaimed asphalt make some recycled paving better for certain projects than others.

More states and municipalities are encouraging the use of old asphalt by requiring that new projects use a percentage of reclaimed asphalt. Using old asphalt is cost-efficient, conserves resources, and provides a durable paving product.

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Our customers enjoy the clean appearance, durability, and quality that Alpha Paving’s contractors provide when applying our asphalt. Whether you are inquiring about a government project, residential project, or exterior asphalt for your business, Alpha Paving offers exceptional services, products, and value. Using recycled products to enhance your property is a favorable way to beautify property. If you are looking for an asphalt contractor in Austin, Visit the Alpha Paving Industries contact page to request a quote, or contact us via phone at 512-667-9001.

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